DS XML 350 LED Grow Light
DS XML 350 LED Grow Light
DS XML 350 LED Grow LightDS XML 350 LED Grow LightDS XML 350 LED Grow Lightspectrum

Diamond Series XML 350 com LEDs de 10W CREE XML, fabricados nos EUA

Espectro Pleno de radiação de Cultivo para Plantas em estufas. Compre Com Garantia de 90 dias de Devolução de seu Dinheiro!

  • Obtenha alta produção com LED de Qualidade Americana
  • Espectro Pleno e Função de Seleção de Cor
  • Cobertura Ótima e Ligação em cadeia entre múltiplas lâmpadas
  • Alta Eficiência e Baixa Emissão de Calor
  • Garantia de 3 Anos e Devoluções Automáticas




XML 350 é a luz de Cultivo perfeita para substituir a luz de 600 – 800 Watt HPS. Dispõe de um sistema exaustor muito eficiente, sistema de controle do espectro de cor de fácil ajuste. Tem um espectro ótimo para vegetação e floração com o melhor PAR/watt na sua classe.

  •  Para qualquer tipo de plantas em cultivo interior em estufa
  • Extremamente eficiente em clonagem, ciclos vegetativos e de floração
  • Substitui as lâmpadas de 600w a 800W HPS/MH
  • LED Cree de cor azul real e branca fabricados nos EUA
  • Chip LED de 10W CREE XML
  • Uso em todas as fases de crescimento da planta
  • Interruptor de ciclo de crescimento: selecione cor e intensidade
  • Espectro Pleno: mais de 14 comprimentos de ondas para produção de cor: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm, 480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm
  • Lentes para cobertura ótima
  • Interruptores de Selecionar Cor com Modos: clonagem, ciclo vegetativo e floração
  • Dissipadores de calor Avançados
  • Elimina a necessidade de exaustores devido à baixa emissão de calor
  • Produto ecológico l ( Sem Mercúrio)
  • Cabo de alimentação de 1,80m e 110v
  • 100 % Garantia Sem Risco por 3 anos.

Espesificações LED:

  • 10 x LEDs de 10w fabricados nos EUA, LEDs Cree XML
  • 144 x LEDs de 3w LED Alta Produtividade (único chip)


  • Cobertura Total 4.5′ x 4.5′
  • Cobertura Básica 4′ x 4′


  • Potência média: 330w Consumo de Energia Média
  • Potência máxima: 532w Potência: 532w
  • Voltagem: AC 85-264V Tensão de Entrada: AC 85-264V

Dimensões do Produto:

  • 19.5″A x 19.5″P x 3″A
  • Peso: 18lbs

Emabalagem Inclui:

  • 1 x Painel Diamond Series XML 350
  • 1 x Guía Exclusivo para Cultivo interior com luz LED
  • 1 x cabo de alimentação de 1,80m de 110v ( 220v e tomadas internacionais disponíveis, entre em contato conosco para encomenda)

Incluídos também: cabos de alimentação, corda com catraca para fixação do equipamento, e cabo para ligação em série.

Porque Escolher-nos?

Temos mais de 7 anos de e mais de 100.000 clientes em todo o mundo. As nossas luzes LED de Cultivo foram aprovados para fornecer a luz intensa necessária as plantas sem luzes adicionais requeridas por outras marcas atualmente vendidas no Mercado.

  1. Oferecemos devoluções livres & Garantia de devolução por 90 dias de de seu dinheiro!
  2. LEDs fabricados nos EUA com materiais de mais alta qualidade
  3. Excelente apoio ao cliente (EUA)
  4. Membro de Better Business Bureau.

Vários Descontos Disponíveis!

Ligue (EUA): 1-800-401-6307

Diamond Seies LEDs - best quality

Customer Reviews

14 avaliações de Diamond Series XML 350 com LEDs de 10W CREE XML, fabricados nos EUA

  1. 5 de 5


    Have the XML 350 & a Diamond series smaller light and finally my first ALL LED from beginning to end process. First of all, HEAT is no longer any problem whatsoever, secondly penetration is no longer a problem (using Mylar all around) & always an important thing, WAY less electricity usage. At least a $70/month drop. Don’t need a self contained a/c room unit anymore and no power sucking ballasts. I even had a digital ballast. GREAT build quality, well designed LED’s??? Then buy from Advanced LED!!

  2. 5 de 5


    I purchased the 350 watt version during the end of my last grow. It finished the plants off nicely, but I wanted to see how it did throughout other parts of the grow before reviewing. People on this site (and others) definitely are not lying about the quality of the product. It’s heavy and bright, but well built and penetrates the canopies well. It is currently growing at twice the rate of my other MH/HPS setup. Running this 18/6 is about $30/month too and my grow is never above 75 degrees (middle of the summer too!).

    Highly recommended, and the customer service is excellent! Don’t be afraid to call and talk to them.

  3. 5 de 5


    Wow. After using this 350 XML Diamond series for 5 weeks, it is obvious my plants are in LOVE…and so am I! Everyday is like Christmas with these lights. My plants are bushier and loaded with more flowers than ever before with HPS. Do your homework, it will be clear to see these are some of the BEST lights on the market.

  4. 5 de 5

    Mike Jones

    First time LED grower. I admit I was sceptical about moving away from HPS. I purchased an XML 350 about a month ago. Ive been using it for the past three weeks and the results are impressive. Thick dense frost nugs everywhere. The different wave lengths really do create a frostier bud in my opinion. As it stands, from the looks of things, my yield is going to be pretty optimal. Now I just have to save up because im looking to get a couple more of these to switch out existed HPS or CFL setups. Ive been converted into a firm believer in LED grow technology thanks to AdvancedLED. Ill be posting a review journal in 420mag once Im finished with this grow.

  5. 5 de 5

    B. Little

    So if a god was to come to Earth… floating above water and angels singing in the background… I’m almost sure He’d be using a few of these XML 350’s to illuminate his body. THE XML 350 IS A BEAST. The pictures that you see here on the website plays somewhat of an illusion on you, i grow in two 2x4x5 tents. One XML 350 nearly takes up the entire ceiling of the tent! It’s by no means a chumps light, the amazing heat sinks within the light clearly add to the XML 350’s heavy weight. I nearly yelled for my wife’s assistance when i decided to install this light into the tent. Each LED diode has it’s own magnifying bubble on it. The light draws 310 Watts… but DO NOT LET THAT DETOUR you. It’s not about the amount of watts your hitting your plants with…. it’s about what a light can do with the watts! Kyle needs a raise as well… please issue him one! He takes his job extremely seriously and with the utmost professionalism. Within a days time of sending out an email to advancedledlights.com, i can almost promise you, you will receive a reply. The customer service here is of the highest level i’ve seen from a company, EVER. I can’t wait to see where Advancedled Lights will be in 10 years from now. I’ve been growing with LED’s since the craze hit the scene…. THESE GUYS CONSTRUCT THE BEST LIGHTS as of currently. I highly recommend the XML 350 to anybody with a “go big or go home” mentality It puts out the weight, and promotes resin like no other. Let me not even begin to talk about the 2 intensity dials. This light is made for EVERYTHING, and can do EVERYTHING in ANY STAGE, most effectively. My only gripe has absolutely nothing to do with the XML 350 (i have none), it’s with this outdated website. A company like you guys can showcase to the world how you really get down much better than than you do from the websites perspective. The order status updating is remarkably slow. But i mean besides that You guys ROCK, don’t let any one tell you different…. Give Kyle a raise.

  6. 5 de 5

    For All

    I’m so glad I purchased this light; simply amazing. So far the results are spectacular. Couple of my friends are amazed with the results, and may purchase in the future.After they see the end results, while only using a simple three part nutrient solution in a deep water culture (DWC) system. With only two and a half weeks in to this grow method; the plants are much shorter than an stretched looking plant from other style grow lights. I’m planning to include up to three 100W Diamond Series, attached to the walls surrounding the inside of my 16 square foot area, increasing my maximal yield, though this is unnecessary for normal conditions. Since this light has so much light output I recommend not looking right at it when turning it on; especially around children and animals. I will buy again. Apparently it’s trending to give Kyle a raise.

  7. 5 de 5

    Grant Kokernak

    I purchased the XML 350 to help me in my orchid and Bonsai hobby, slightly skeptical that transitioning from conversion bulbs would be a good move. Also I have had mixed results with cheep LED grow-lights which have had a tendency to fail. Well, Not only did every single plant I have (woody, succulent and orchids) show signs of improved growth in the first week but my energy bill (and watering budget) is much less of a burden. This was very impressive since I expected at least one of my species to require a frequency that was missing, but no. Its not only the light itself that consumes less energy but I no longer need to run cooling fans, just a very low power circular fan rather than the inline which keeps my area at around 72F. Finally the customer support has been out of this world. I had a minor problem on a weekend and that Monday morning I had a speedy reply and excellent service (free, which to my mind is basically unknown now-a-days) which resolved my problem immediately, with no fuss or what i have come to think of as the normal attempt to blame issues on the consumer. Everyone I have ever talked to at their office is polite, helpful and knowledgeable. These folks make a fantastic product and have the good conduct and more importantly the knowledge and understanding to support customers in any way they can. I never write reviews but this is the best company I have seen in years and they deserve recognition.

  8. 5 de 5


    I purchased the DS XML 350 about 3 weeks ago and cannot say enough in favor of the quality of the light, included accessories, and immediate performance. I was able to set the light up in about 10 minutes. The included mounting hardware is of very high quality and strength.

    The light itself is awesome. The 10W Cree LEDs penetrate and saturate with ease. Care must be taken to ensure you do not burn your plants (from the fertilization / light intensity increase issue, not from the heat).

    My plants have been under 100% intensity for about 2 weeks, and the increased growth, vitality, and beauty of the plants is obvious.

    I will buy from Advanced LED Lights in the future, and I highly recommend this product to any plant enthusiast who grows indoors.

  9. 5 de 5

    kenny kushington

    Ive been using an xml-350 for a year now side by side with a 1000w hps. The big 10w crees keep the plants from stretching in flower, where as the hid plants stretch looking for more blue spectrum than the hps can offer. the flowers that i get out from under the led are denser and in every case have finished a week ahead of the hid plants. Which needless to say is awesome. Love my lights. Looking forward to the day im hid free.

  10. 5 de 5


    I have had the xml 350 for about a year and a half and then one morning nothing…..had it on a surge protector so not sure what really happened but when I called Kyle he knew right what it was and sent me and easy replacement part. I dont know if others give customer service like this but I wont bother as the light is crazy and does wonderful things

  11. 5 de 5


    I have just finished my first grow with the ds xml350, and I have never seen such healthy and fast growing plants! I have currently been burned by another company, so it was a breath of fresh air when I found this company with outstanding customer service (Kyle). On top of that their products are amazing, the construction quality of the unit is next to none, and the turn knobs are an excellent feature. My growth rates were increased by double compared to my old 600w hps!

  12. 5 de 5


    been using mh.hps for 25 years and have gone to the new led lights from advanced and its the best thing ever.plants love these high quality leds.Have a customer for life Thank you all at advanced led lighting.Excellent job.If you want to grow the best use the best lighting.Advanced leds.Good growing.

  13. 5 de 5

    Toby Blevins

    Kyle is the best like the LEDs lol… I’m currently using a 200w and the XML 350 and they defiantly out due my 1000w HP’s lights are amazing and my power bill has dropped 70% less with advance LEDs

  14. 5 de 5

    David pack

    the debate is over these led lights outperform hps any day. I have the XML 350 and its amazing

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