DS 200w LED Grow Light
DS LED Grow Light
DS LED Grow Light
DS 200w LED Grow LightDS LED Grow LightDS LED Grow Lightspectrum

Diamond Series LEDs 200w With USA Made Bridgelux Blue and White 3w LEDs – Backorder

4.89 out of 5
(9 customer reviews)

Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for Indoor Plants, Vegetables and Flowers. Performs Extremely Well in Cloning, Vegetative and Flowering Cycles. Buy With 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

  • Get Higher Yields With Quality American Made LEDs
  • Full Spectrum and Color Select Feature
  • Optimal Coverage and Daisy Chain
  • High Efficiency and Low Heat Output
  • 3 Year Warranty and Hassle Free Returns to the Lower 48 States




  • For Indoor Plants, Vegetables & Flowers
  • Performs extremely well in cloning, vegetative and flowering cycle
  • Replaces a 400 watt HPS/MH
  • USA made Bridgelux blue and white 3w LEDs
  • 3w single chip LEDs.
  • Use for all stages of plant growth
  • Grow cycle switch – select your color output and intensity or run full strength
  • Full spectrum 14+ wavelengths of color output: 760nm, 740nm, 720nm, 660nm, 630nm, 615nm-480nm, 460nm, 440nm, 415nm, 380nm
  • Diamond Series lens for optimal coverage
  • Color Select Switches with Clone, Vegetable and Flower Modes
  • Advanced heat sinks and power supplies
  • Eliminates A/C in most grow spaces due to very low heat output
  • Daisy Chain link feature allows multiple lights on one cord
  • Environmentally friendly (no mercury)
  • 6ft power cord in 110v US
  • 100% hassle-free warranty for a full three years

DS200 is the perfect grow light to replace your 400 Watt HPS light. It has a great cooling system, color spectrum control system and you can practically set it up in under 5 minutes. It has an optimum spectrum for vegetation and flowering with the highest PAR/watt in its class.

LED Specs

  • 100 x 3w High Output LEDs (single chip)

Product Dimensions

  • 19″L x 8″W x 3″H
  • Weight: 13lbs

Package includes:

  • 1 x Diamond Series LEDs 200w
  • 1 x Exclusive LED Grow Guide
  • 1 x 6ft power cord in 110v US (220v and international plugs available – contact us after you place the order)

Also included: hanging cables, hanging rope ratchet, and daisy chain cord.


  • Total Coverage 3ft x 3.5ft
  • Core Coverage 2.5ft x 3ft


  • Avg. Power Draw: 185w
  • Power Output: 300w
  • Input Voltage: AC 100-240V

Attention please:

– Extremely bright, do not look directly at the LED bulbs when the light is working.
– Indoor use only, not waterproof.
– No extra ballast is needed.

Why Choose Us

We have more than seven years of experience and over 100,000 customers worldwide. Our high quality LED Grow Lights have been proven to provide the intense light plants need without supplemental lights required by others currently sold on the market.

  1. We offer hassle free returns and 90 day money back guarantee!
  2. We only use USA Made LEDs and highest quality manufacturing materials.
  3. We have an excellent US based customer support.
  4. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating.
  5. We are a USA company proudly located in Hiwasse, Arkansas.

Multiple Light Discounts Available! Call: 1-800-401-6307

Assembled in USA

Customer Reviews

9 reviews for Diamond Series LEDs 200w With USA Made Bridgelux Blue and White 3w LEDs – Backorder

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  1. 5 out of 5


    The customer service is excellent. Product runs a bit hot for LEDs in a closet grow room. Expected. Otherwise product is also great. I brought a 200W & two 100W Diamond series. Very satisfied with product.

  2. 5 out of 5


    I already own and have used the 200W diamond for my grow room for the last couple of years. It’s a lot cheaper to run, it cut my electric bill in half.
    I bought a cheap LED on Amazon, it’s ok but I noticed that the plants I put under the Advanced LED grew a lot bigger. These plants were clones in the same room.I have had no problems with the Advanced LED since I started using them.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I’ve had my DS200 going for less than a week. I’ve already seen an increase in plant growth,in just 3-4 days,on the first stage.
    In two days plants doubled in width. I’ve never seen such results in a few short days. 5 stars all day long. The color spectrum of these lights is exactly what you want. Only the sun can do it better. I’ve had other led’s and these light from AdvancedLed are by far,the best. Blow the competition away. More lights in the future for sure!

  4. 5 out of 5

    kenny kushington

    Ive bought two lights from advanced now, an xml-350 last year (which i love) and this ds-200 now. I could compare them back and forth all day. I love the spread and the abundance of blue from the 10w crees on the xml, but the intensity and size of the footprint from the ds-200 is amazing. In conclusion if your vegging and flowering under the same light xml series all the way. If budget is a concern and you want the most bang for your buck ds series are the way to go. Havent tried the new extreme series yet, maybe next year. But without a doubt i know where to go. Advanced was the best last year when i reaserched my purchase and it was the same this year. Eventually ill have all the hid lighting gone (and the air conditioners too) and nothing but diamond shape vents hangin.

  5. 5 out of 5


    My order arrived within 5 days, extremely well-packaged, very solidly built. The 100 watt Diamond series I purchased replaced a 150 watt HPS, a 200 watt mogul-based CFL, as well as 5 other smaller CFL’s.
    I no longer have a heat problem so I’ve retired 2 fan units as well. My electrical usage is down considerably and the plants I had in various stages of growth seem to be thriving. At this point I am well-pleased.

  6. 5 out of 5


    I’ve purchased 4 ds series . 2 in 200w & 2 in 100w what all in same 3×4 grow room . I set them up in a square with the 2 -100w @a 45degree angle and a foot lower than the 200’s to light up the lower half below the main canopy and its producing awesome size buds throughout the entire plant. great job by advanced and kyle hope to add these in my electrical business soon . finally a product worth selling

  7. 4 out of 5


    DS200 unit arrived quickly following my order. Well made unit was quick to install and simple to operate. Near immediate difference in tent temperature. Plants reacted quickly to the new light source and are all looking great so far. Too early to judge how big the tomatoes will be, but there’s plenty of light to help them.

  8. 5 out of 5


    Using a DS200 since 3 years now, 18h a day, grow results are simply great, no sign of any loss of power. Cost me a fortune then to deliver it to switzerland but was worth every penny!

  9. 5 out of 5


    After a lot of research, the first DS100 was purchased last June. Living in Cali with outrageous electricity bills, the DS100 made sense. We started in a closet and have since moved to a 2×4 (up to 8 plants) for veg and 28×56 for flowering ( up to five plants.. We now use two Ds100s, a Ds200 and 4 2FT T5HO with 2700k for side lighting. The results with this setup are unbelievable.

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