4 ft X 8 ft Gorilla Grow Tent
4 ft X 8 ft Gorilla Grow Tent

4 ft X 8 ft Gorilla Grow Tent For Indoor Gardening

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The Ideal Grow Tents for Both Professional and Beginning Growers!

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The Ideal Grow Tents for Both Professional and Beginning Growers

Professionally-designed Gorilla Grow Tents are the TALLEST, THICKEST, and STRONGEST indoor gardening tents available. They are also the only height adjustable grow tents that allow you to double your plant sizes and yields. In addition, Gorilla Grow Tents run cooler, and you’ll find moving around and working inside these tents much easier than in other tents.

Gorilla Grow Tents feature 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls that are three to nine times thicker than the walls of any other grow tent in the marketplace. The added thickness makes the walls light impermeable, resistant to orders, sound resistant, and properly insulated for optimal temperature. The metal poles supporting Gorilla tents are the strongest in the industry with maximum loads as much as 500 lbs., which provides unsurpassed user safety and security.

Other design elements that distinguish Gorilla Grow Tents from the competition’s products include the following: a patent pending InfraRed blocking roof; precisely and accurately positioned double-cinching ducting ports; rugged long-lasting extra heavy duty zippers; a strong safety pool to catch accidental water spill; and big EZ View window to see snapshots of the garden without intruding into the environments. The 360-degree zip around doorways provide convenient entry into the grow tents, and the spacious layouts allow you freedom of movement when working inside the tent.

Gorilla Grow Tents Features and Specifications

  • A sturdy 100% metal interlocking frame and connectors
  • An “Easy-On” grow tent with 1680D Diamond Reflective Walls
  • 12” height extension kits
  • Patent Pending InfraRed blocking roof insertion
  • “EZ View” windows
  • Easy access tool pouch
  • Sturdy sand durable flood protection pool
  • 10” double cinching, leak resistant ducting ports
  • 360 wrap around access
  • Micro-mesh pest control pre-filters
  • Complete easy-to-follow instructions

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for 4 ft X 8 ft Gorilla Grow Tent For Indoor Gardening

  1. 5 out of 5


    High-quality and easy-to-use product. I recommend!

  2. 5 out of 5


    Posted by the same guy on 8th Feb 2011
    Hey, fortune favors the brave, thought i’d share my two grams worth on this one. When compared to about 3 other very similar tents of similar construction (steel tubes, reflective, sim outer material) I got them jelous. The tent comes with enough vents to make any kind of setup you can think of a breeze. I keep my pretty simple but if you had an old light or the new leds they got here (da bomb) this tent will keep it light sealed in a super hiiiigh quality reflective stuff that has taken a lot of nute filled water. (Removeable insert makes lazy bumbs like me happy). Plent of velcro, thick zips (slight light leak here guys), and double bagged holes. Its a great tent. If you are buying a light and plan to get a tent anytime in the next year, or your friend is. Id get a tent a take care of that 20% and it got delivered about 4 days after my order.

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