Diamond Series EX-OIL

Diamond Series EX-OIL With 5w Cree & 3w Cree LEDs

The Diamond Series Extreme Oil Lights are the first and only on the market used to increase oil production. The EX-OIL are partner lights to increase oil in any plant when paired with HID, LED, or greenhouses.

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The Diamond Series Extreme Oil Light is the first and only light on the market used to increase oil production. Buy With 90 Day Money Back Guarantee! Increase Oil Production With Our USA Made 5w & 3w Cree LEDs Color Spectrum Specifically Crafted to Push Plant Oil Production Optimal Coverage and Daisy Chain Feature High Efficiency and Low Heat Output Three Year Warranty, Hassle Free Returns, and Free Shipping to the Lower 48 States
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90 Day Hassle-Free Returns

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