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Experience LED Grow Lights That Produce Growth Identical to HID Lights

Have you bought the “new 5w LED grow lights” and found your plants suffered? Are you apprehensive about trying our LED lights to replace your HID lights because your attempts to do so did not go well? Here are the reasons why these indoor grow lights failed:
  • Most 5W LED lights are just using overdriven 3W chips, which leads to substandard performance.
  • Many LED grow light companies cut corners and use inferior materials, which causes their lights not to come close to match the plant yields obtained with HID lights.

Delivering Exactly What Your Plants Need

At Advanced LED Lights, our authentic 3W and 10 W CREE LED lights deliver highly focused beams of light in the precise wavelengths plants need for optimal photosynthesis. In fact, research suggests high-quality LEDs produce more photons (light particles) than standard HID lights. We spend 30 percent more than the standard price in order to purchase the highest quality LEDs possible. Our investment means our LED lights will produce plant growth and garden yields than will surpass your highest expectations.

Higher Efficiency and Lower Heat Output

What if you could save electricity, reduce heat output from lighting, and still have a huge harvest? That's exactly what our Diamond Series LED grow lights give you! If you want high yields per foot with an LED grow light, then you need to explore the options available in our Diamond Series LED grow lights today!

Reasons to Avoid Cut Rate LED Grow Lights

In the long run, cheap LED lights actually cost you money….
  • Cheap LED lights use low-grade materials, which means they only last a short time.
  • If the price of the LED grow light is unbelievably low, chances are the quality of the light output will be low as well. In all likelihood, the garden or crops grown using this type of light source will fail.
  • Cut-rate LED lights use more electricity and generate more heat than high-quality LED grow lights, which means higher power bills.