Selection of Our Most Viewed LED Grow Light Technology Videos

Features and Benefits at Advanced LED Lights

Advancements happen everyday in technology, medical, science, and even what we thought we “knew” yesterday. LED lights have completely changed the way we light up the world, yet most people have no clue how far its come in such a short amount of time. Although, the intricate scientific details of how new LED technology works and functions would take a book to fully explain, we would like to give you a brief overview of how much LED lights have affected LED grow lights, and more importantly, Advanced LED Lights.

LED Grow Lights: A True Buyers Guide

In this video, learn a few fundamental truths that most LED Grow Light companies don’t want you to know. You will be amazed at the false advertising and myths in this video will help you learn to spot.

LED Grow Lights: Names and Wattage Explanation

Names in the LED grow light industry can be very misleading in terms of what you think, what you are getting, and what you might actually be getting. While some LED companies name their systems based off the actual wattage used by the light, there are still plenty of companies that do not; and the companies that do name their lights after the LED’s actual wattage, the quality or sheer performance may fall below its claim.

LED Grow Lights: Optics & Coverage

In the grow light industry we hear the word coverage used in LED and HID situations constantly. While you may have a general understanding what coverage is, we feel it’s important to go over some key differences of each system and its importance.

LED Grow Lights: PAR, Watts, & Mass PAR

If you are familiar with grow light systems, you may have heard of PAR somewhere in the grow light industry. P.A.R stands for Photosynthetic Active Radiation which simply measures how bright a light is to a plant. Just as the Lumen is used to measure light intensity for a human eye, PAR is a great unit for determining exactly what plants see and receive. When dividing a grow light’s PAR by the power exerted from the wall via watts, you end up with simply PAR/Watt.

LED Grow Lights: Secondary Optics

Secondary optics often get a bad name due to the fallacy of information being provided. The common misconception is that adding a secondary optic reduces power. Last week we went over coverage and how optics play a large role in directing the light spread into a focused beam for your grow area. While not every grow light company uses a secondary optic, at advanced we strive for the best results for your plants and this is why we use secondary optics.