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LED grow lights have been around for 53 years, but they were never considered a viable indoor gardening option. LED lights always produced the green and red light spectrum, but they lacked the blue light emitting diodes that are critical for cannabis plants to produce viable yields for growers. Only recently have they become a hot topic in the indoor and hydroponic gardening community, most likely due to the fact the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to growers who successfully grew better than traditional lighting by using LED lights that use the blue light diode. Having the right ratio of wavelengths of color is critical when growing.

Finally, a solution to the problem for growers needs! Thanks to these advances, LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, technology has become a hot topic in the indoor and hydroponic gardening community, catching the attention of leading cannabis (marijuana, weed, pot, etc.) cultivators. Advanced LED Diamond Series produce only the specific wavelengths of color that are required for optimum plant growth, giving plants the light they need for both the vegetative stages and flowering stages of growth.

High Efficiency & Low Heat Output

Advanced LED Diamond Series lights stay much cooler than traditional lighting and the competition, reducing the need to use fans to cool your grow room as well as reducing water evaporation. Even though LED lights can cost more upfront, they are much more efficient in their electricity use and the bulbs last four times longer than other kinds of lighting, saving you a lot of money in the long run. LED lights create energy savings while producing better cannabis plants, making them ideal for large scale commercial grow operations or smaller home grows.

Whatever strain of cannabis you grow not only will Advanced LED Diamond Series lights improved the quality of your plants, but with a shorter cultivation time, your turnover will increase as well. Individuals, commercial growers, sustainable gardeners, personal self-reliance, and even the hobbyist have already seen what Advanced LED lights can provide. Now it’s your turn.

All Advanced LED products should be used in compliance with applicable law. Advanced LED does not endorse or promote the use of its products for any other purpose.