Selection of Our Most Viewed Grow Tip Videos

Cloning Plants the Easy Way

In this latest video, we show you an easy way to clone your plants. One of the reasons many indoor gardeners like to clone their plants is because it helps ensure that the most productive and healthiest plants, that are disease and pest resistant, grow in their garden.

Test of Cloning Gels and Powders

We recently ran some tests on different cloning gels and powders to see how well they do when it comes to cloning plants. In this test, we used 12 different clones from the same plant using Rootech cloning gel, Clonex rooting gel and Azos beneficial microbesto to see which one gives us the most roots the quickest.

Root Systems with 5W XTE Extreme Veg

A look at the root system on our tomatoes growing under 5W XTE Extreme Veg. Truly impressive performance!