Growing Vegetables

LED grow lights have been around for quite some time, always producing the green and red light spectrum, but they lacked the blue light emitting diodes that is crucial for vegetative growth. Only recently have they fast become a hot topic in the indoor and hydroponic gardening community, most likely due to the fact the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to growers who successfully grew better than traditional lighting by using LED lights that use the blue light diode. Having the right ratio of wavelengths of color is critical when growing.

The beauty of Advanced LED Diamond Series award winning grow lights is that they produce a patented ratio of specific wavelengths of light that are required for optimum plant growth, giving your plants the light they need for both the vegetative stages and the flowering stages of growth, and nothing more. Advanced LED Diamond Series lights stay much cooler than traditional lighting and the competition, reducing the need to use fans to cool your grow room as well as reducing water evaporation. Even though LED lights can cost more upfront, they are much more efficient in their electricity use and the bulbs last four times longer than other kinds of lighting, saving you a lot of money in the long run.

In most cases, LED lights tend to be the most practical lighting option an hanging your grow light is fast and easy, they are user friendly and are only a few inches in diameter making them easy to mount. The yield from Advanced LED Diamond Series lights exceed all expectations, not only in the quality and volume, but also in the fact that herbs and vegetables are harvested earlier than expected.

Advanced LED Diamond Series lights improve the quality of your plants with a shorter cultivation time, meaning your turnover will increase as well. Individuals, commercial growers, sustainable gardeners, personal self-reliance, and even the hobbyist have already seen what Advanced LED lights can provide. Now it’s your turn.