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The New Optimized ARC Series 2.0 LED Grow Lights Are Here

ARC 400 LED Grow Light - Side

Our Original ARC LED Grow Lights

Exactly a year ago we launched the redesigned ARC Series with 60 Watt Cob LEDs. The product was extremely well received and a perfect addition to our XML series.  Its main advantages were higher par values and increased coverage.  As we began getting feedback from customers we quickly realized two things.  First, you confirmed our hunch that we had a hit.  Second, that we could build on our success to create a truly innovative light like none other on the market.

The ARC Series 2.0: Optimized, More Efficient, and the Biggest Breakthrough in LED Light History

Among the first questions, we received came from a large greenhouse facility who wanted to know if there was a way for us to make the product water resistant (specifically I-65 waterproof rating).  After numerous designs and re-designs, we developed with an industry first: a fanless LED grow light!  One unintended benefit of this new technology is that it requires less electricity than other LED lights on the market.  On average we see a 16% watt reduction across the board with NO reduction in PAR values.  This makes Advanced LED’s redesigned ARC series the most energy efficient and powerful LED light on the market.

ARC 900 Series 2.0 Led Grow Light Coverage

Another customer request was to expand our core coverage area.  We did this by replacing the 60 watt Cob LEDs with 180 watt LEDs along with other proprietary modifications to increase our footprint.  For now, we continue to recommend that you use our product for a core coverage of 6 x 6 however some customers report that they were able to cover larger areas (see independent testing for coverage areas).

Also as part of our re-design, we made several other great features including a remote control, allowing you to control the intensity of the lights and using 100% UL listed parts.

We are thrilled to bring this amazing new light to our customers and know it will do wonders for your grows.


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