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Take Indoor Gardening to the Next Level with LED Grow Lights

HID (high-intensity discharge) lights have been a standard light fixture in indoor gardening for years. But more and more indoor gardeners are making the switch to LED (light-emitting diode) lights for growing plants. There are several reasons you might want to consider transitioning to LED lights, or at least trying one to see if you’re happy with the results. Using these lights can help simplify your gardening and make you more successful at growing those great plants indoors.

How LEDs Benefit Your Plants

LED grow lights are very bright, mimicking sunlight in a way other lights can’t quite manage. It might seem hard to believe when you pick one up, given how light it is and how simple it seems to be. The light weight makes it easy and safe to hang these lights. And the fact that LEDs put out bright light without releasing heat into the air makes them not only safer, but better for your plants.

Indoor gardeners who use many lights know how hot and dry the area around the plants can be. Some sort of ventilation or fan system to pull the heat away, and often some form of added moisture are necessary to keep the plants from drying out and needing water constantly. LED lights won’t dry out the soil or heat the air around the plants. The light is cool, which means there’s also much less of a fire riskóno super hot bulbs to potentially catch something on fire.

How LEDs Benefit Your Bank Account

While LED lights may cost more than some other types of grow lights, any extra expense on purchasing them is well worth it for the payoff that comes over time. LED grow lights typically use only a small fraction of the amount of electricity some other popular grow light styles use. Because all the energy the light uses goes into producing actual light rather than being dissipated into heat, you get a brighter light for less money. This type of light also naturally uses far less energy. That adds up to savings on your electric bill.

The way LED lights are constructed will also contribute to your money-savings. You won’t have to purchase replacement bulbs or go through the hassle of changing bulbs when you use LEDs. This is true regardless of the shape or style of LED light you buy.

Watch for Cheap LEDs

When you’re purchasing one or more LED grow lights, be sure they are actually grow lights and not just standard LEDs. Your plants could wither and die under a light not designed to promote growth, because of the incorrect color spectrum. High intensity LED grow lights are specifically designed to put out light in the color spectrum that plants can absorb and use for photosynthesis.

Some lights are even designed for certain types of plants, certain parts of the growing season, dormant plants and other special purposes. Start with a high-quality general purpose LED grow light, then expand from there if you want to experiment with certain types of lights or lights designed for certain plants or growth periods.

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