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LED Lights for Backyards and Indoor Gardens

LED lights are finally coming into popular use in the home, indoors and out!. This is good news for your electric bill, your overall costs for things like bulb replacement, and the environment. Of course, saving money on outdoor lighting might not seem so fantastic if the lights themselves don’t work well, or are unattractive. But with the surging popularity of LEDs, so many different styles of lighting are available that you’d be hard-pressed not to find something you love among all the choices.

Probably the first things to seriously consider when looking at LEDs are the area you plan to light, and whether or not LED lights will really do the job.

What You’ll Be Lighting

The indoor garden is a great place to try your first indoor LED grow lights. Outdoors, walkway lights are another great choice for LEDs, whether they’re low-voltage, wired lights or solar. Keep in mind that wired lights will burn at the same brightness until they’re turned off, but solar lights will fade as they use up the stored charge inside them. For constant brightness for a long time, electric lights are better. If you only need some light in the evening, solar may be the perfect choice.

Deck lights or walkway lights that stake into the ground are a great way to get started and see if you like the quality of the light. The big benefit of solar lighting, particularly non-wired sets in which each light has its own individual solar cell, is that you can put them anywhere. You’re not tied down to putting them in a small area because of the wires. There are also no wires to hide under the ground, mulch or other substance.

Whether you’re looking for walkway and path lighting or some type of accent light, LED lights are available in a style you’ll enjoy. From fairly plain stake lights to decorative lights in a variety of shapes and themes for the garden, there are so many to choose from. You can even find LED spotlights, outdoor chandeliers and other types of lights.

Benefits of LEDs

While the LED light itself might seem expensive compared to a light that uses an incandescent bulb, it’s important to realize that you won’t be changing bulbs with LED lighting. You’d be purchasing light bulbs and changing them fairly frequently with the standard bulbs. That expense and hassle is eliminated with LEDs.

This type of lighting also uses a fraction of the electricity and energy that standard bulbs use, and runs cool to the touch. Because it uses less energy and doesn’t put heat out into the air, it’s better for the environment, so LEDs are a great choice when you’re ready to go green.

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