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Features & Benefits at AdvancedLEDLights

Features & Benefits at AdvancedLEDLights

Advancements happen everyday in technology, medical, science, and even what we thought we “knew” yesterday. LED lights have completely changed the way we light up the world, yet most people have no clue how far its come in such a short amount of time. Although, the intricate scientific details of how new LED technology works and functions would take a book to fully explain, we would like to give you a brief overview of how much LED lights have affected LED grow lights, and more importantly, Advanced LED Lights.

The heat-sinks found in older LED grow light models usually were made of 1 piece of epoxied aluminum. Changing the actual heat-sink was almost as hard as actually accessing it. With today’s technology, Advanced LED Lights completely changes the way you see heat-sinks, in a very easy and very accessible way. Each heat-sink is connected to each individual LED module making cleaning and modular replacement very simple. Separating the heat-sinks like this also allows for better heat distribution throughout the entirety of the grow light and disperses heat much better.

One can not talk about heat dispersion, however, without mentioning Advanced LED Lights cooling system. Our new cold flow system gives unrivaled thermal management while keeping sound levels low. Using our cold-flow system ensures optimal air-flow and the coolest operating temperatures available.

While 3w LED lights are still relatively new, most are over driven to be run as a fake 5w LED light. With our Diamond Series XML systems, Advanced LED Light’s uses authentic 3w and 10w LEDs driven at its optimal wattage. The advances in this alone in such a short amount of time is impressive, and with our 3w LEDs using secondary optics the power goes where you need it, not where you hoped it would go.

However, with higher intensity comes a more sophisticated power supply. While the actual wattage is pretty low compared to the power exerted, advanced has even revolutionized the way we power our lights. With our newest models you can not only control your individual spectrum, but also the intensity and color ratios all with the turn of a dial. If you want to add more lights to your grow area, we even give you the option to daisy chain each Advanced LED Light from one to another.

There is no doubt that LED grow lights have come along way, but when you look at everything we have innovated here at Advanced LED Lights, it’s pretty clear where we got the “Advanced” from.

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