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Consider a Garden Bathtub

Gardens are often about so much more than the plants. Garden decorations, lighting and embellishments also help to create the whole atmosphere. Hollowed out logs and tree stumps, old farming or garden equipment, and even tires are often used to surround plants and create a beautiful centerpiece in a garden. Be creative when deciding what to use in your garden, and don’t overlook everyday household items. In fact, one everyday item that can give your garden a touch of antique charm, and give you a place to relax in a unique but old-fashioned way, is a bathtub.

People Bathed Outdoors, and Still Do

If it seems strange to transplant an indoor appliance to your garden (or nearly there), it wasn’t strange to the French a few hundred years ago. In the 1700s, bathtubs were generally kept outside by those who could afford to do so. The bathtub not only provided a place to take a bath, which was an infrequent occurrence in those days because of mistaken beliefs about bathing and illness, but it also helped the plants. Once the tub was drained, it served to water the area around it.

In England, outdoor bathtubs were usually enclosed in a small room or house, much like a greenhouse or solar room of today, so that the bather could see out over the property. With the right indoor grow lighting this is something to consider today, when modern manufacturing makes it possible to put almost anything you want, anywhere you want.

While you’re not going to want to install an outdoor tub for everyday bathing – what would the neighbors think – the idea of having a little wetroom in your garden area with a soaking tub can still hold a lot of charm. People put hot tubs outside and use them year round, and backyard swimming pools are all the rage. So the idea of a tub where you can relax and soak shouldn’t seem all that foreign.

Two Ways to Achieve the Effect

If the idea of putting an actual outdoor bathtub in your yard and garden doesn’t appeal, then placing a tub near a large picture window where you can see out while maintaining privacy is something to consider. A gazebo or small sort of garden building designed for soaking and relaxing while enjoying the sunshine or the stars is also a possibility.

The second option might be best for many people. If you love the shape of old tubs but can’t see changing your bathing room or installing an outdoor garden bathtub for actual soaking (maybe a hot tub is a better choice for your patio or yard), then you can still have that old world charm in your garden by using an old bath tub or wash tub as a raised planting bed. Choose plants that do well in pots, and be sure the tub isn’t a valuable antique that will be destroyed by such use.

You can find other objects at flea markets or around your own home that can add charm to your garden, so use your imagination and enjoy being creative in your outdoor spaces.

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