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ARC 2.0 The World’s Most Advanced LED Grow Light: Fanless & Water Resistant

Fanless and Water Resistant LED Grow lights

Higher efficiency and less waste have always been our goal when developing our products. Last year, we introduced the ARC Series which was very well received. Ever since we have been trying to figure out how to make them better. Last month, we introduced the ARC 2.0 Series and we are confident that they are some of the most advanced lights in the world.

The Original ARC Technology

High Intensity and Less Waste

One of the main advantages of the original series was the high par values and higher efficiency. Our customers were happy with the product and we were ambitious to develop a new and even better version.

Bigger Surface Area

Something we realized early was the fact that the LED grow lights need bigger surface area. This assures bigger coverage which is an excellent advantage. Second, it is a key part of a passive cooling system, as an LED grow light with a bigger surface area has a lower heat output. Having realized we are on the right path, we kept on working and pushing forward.

ARC 2.0: More Efficiency Without a Fan

ARC 2.0 is optimized and more efficient and it is highly innovative and cannot be compared with any existing light on the market. Among the biggest improvements we made was the elimination of the fan.

The Downsides of Fans in LED Grow Lights

When we are boasting about how we got rid of the fan in our LED grow lights, you are likely asking yourself ‘why no fan?’ The arguments are simple. Let’s start with the structure of a LED grow light with fan. Having a separate unit responsible for cooling, this light will be much bigger. Additionally, this separate unit will be made out of specific components that could break down and need repairs. The fans accumulate much more dust and dirt than the light itself and if not clean and maintained properly, this dirt could hinder the operations of the light and even break it down. The LED grow lights are always used indoors and many people keep them in their homes. Therefore, the fact that the fans generate a lot of noise and disturb the grower is among the biggest disadvantages. All those facts combined kept us busy and working for a while, as we were more than eager to find an alternative.

Types of Cooling for LED Grow Lights

We studied the types of cooling systems and figure out that most of the LED grow lights produced rely on active cooling (typically with a fan), though passive cooling was also an option. Passive cooling refers to cooling that happens due to a right design of the line and not through a separate component.

Passive Cooling: the ARC 2.0 Technology

Soon the decision was made and we started designing the ARC 2.0 Series LED grow lights with a passive cooling system. The key is the heat sink which is designed in a manner to absorb the heat and keep it away from the chipset and the diodes. But we wanted to make sure that we will keep the heat output low, so we went a bit further and made the lights with a bigger surface area so that it could disperse the heat properly. And lastly, we chose diodes that generally have lower heat output. Thus, we developed an entire passive cooling system and our ARC 2.0 Series achieved remarkable results without a fan.

The New ARC 2.0: Water Resistant and Optimized

We still wanted to create an extraordinary product and a truly innovative LED grow light. For this reason, we improved the technology of the ARC Series in one more direction, making it water resistant and receiving an IP65 Certification for that.

The Benefits of Water Resistant LED Grow Lights

Safety is one of the most important issues in any sort of growing or production process. With LED grow lights that were not water resistant we felt that we hadn’t achieved the best safety possible. Now, with the ARC 2.0 Series you can grow plants indoors in any conditions no matter the level of humidity without worrying. In addition, you can maintain the lights much easier by just washing them with water. And lastly, the water resistance assures the flexibility of our products, as such lights could be used for both vertical and horizontal growing in addition to aquaponics.

The IP65: What Does it Mean and Why is it Good

As we’ve always strived for perfection, we wanted to get certified before releasing the final product. The IP (Ingress Protection) Certification is very popular and shows how water and other particles like dust and sand, for instance, affect the product. After the tests that lasted 15 minutes and set the LED grow lights in 12.5 liters of water per minute were conducted, we received the IP65. This means that the light is water resistant, though not waterproof. They are able to protect against water jets and are dust tight.

While those are the very new and very different features of the ARC 2.0 Series, many other little things make them stand out like the remote control that they come with or the even higher PAR values we were able to achieve.  

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