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Tips for Growing Plants During the Winter

Plants during the winterOut of all of the seasons, for gardeners the winter is usually the toughest time for them and their plants. As you may know by now, the low temperatures during winter can pose a big threat in the growth and development of your plants. While at times it may seem impossible to keep your plants healthy and growing the way they should during the winter, there are certainly things you can do that can help them.

For indoor household and decorative plants, you may find them having yellow and brown leaves during winter. This is very common during this time of the year and can be brought about by the lesser intensity of the sun that is hitting your plants. To help with this issue for your plants, you should consider looking into the lighting for them. For some indoor plants, people like to use fluorescent bulbs to help provide the light their plants need. If you are already using fluorescent bulbs as a light source for your plants, you need to make sure that they don’t need replacing as a lack of light coming from it will do no good.. You need to remember that for this type of bulb, the older they get, the lesser intensity they have. You may not notice it with your eyes, but old fluorescent bulbs may not meet the needs of the plants anymore.

If you have the budget, you can always buy grow lights for your plants. The down side is that grow lights may cost a little more than what you want to spend. If you can buy grow lights for your plants, one that is recommended is getting LED lights. One of the reasons for this  besides it helping your plants grow better is because LED grow lights will let you save more in the long run because of its life expectancy and energy consumption. If you do not want to buy grow lights, you can always use cool white tubes during the wintertime. White tubes can last for around 6 to 8
months when new.

When it comes to fertilizers, you need to remember that giving more fertilizer to your plants during the cold months is not a recommended practice. Since there is usually lack of light during these months, the plant’s growth also slows down. During this time, the fertilizers will not be efficiently used. The main thing that you need to do for your plants during the winter months is to monitor them to make sure they are growing the way they should. If you see any issues with the growth or the color, you should consider making sure that it is getting enough light and also make sure the area you have the plants aren’t to cold.

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