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Simple Steps to Cloning your Plant

Cloning plantsDid you know that you could actually clone your plants without the need of any special equipment to do so? In fact there are actually a lot of simple methods you can use to effectively clone the most common plants in your garden.

Some of you may be wondering why would I need or even want to clone any of the plants in my garden? Well one of the benefits is that the process can reduce the chance of your plant acquiring an illnesses or disease. Cloning will also ensure that your original plant is the same gender as your cloned plant. In addition to this, you won’t need to worry about purchasing more seeds and seedlings to grow more of the same plants. Another benefit of cloning a plant is that it will grow faster as compared to the time that you need to wait for the seed to sprout, so this is a great way to get your lush garden up faster.If you are interested in trying to clone your plants, you can follow these steps to get it done:


The first step in cloning your plant is to identify a healthy part of it to use, as this portion is what you are going to use to clone the plant. It is best to avoid shoots and stems that have signs of illness such as wilting or discoloration. It is also important that the portion you choose is free from pests.


The next step is to cut the portion that you have chosen. When cutting, the size of the cut will depend on the type of you plant you have. For the cutting process, you can use scissors or a pair of pruners to get the job done. Before cutting, make sure that you sanitize whatever you are using to cut the plant by using rubbing alcohol to kill germs. Also when cutting, make sure you do so at 45-degree angle.


For the next step, you need to remove the leaves,stems and shoots at the bottom half of the portion that you have cut. Make sure that you leave everything on the top half. You need to do this before transplanting the portion of the plant to you new container.


The last step in the cloning process is transplanting the portion you have cut. Fill your container with soil and place what you cut in it. For how much soil you should use, if you cut around 5 inches of plant, you should plant it in around 2 inches of soil. Also make sure that you water the plant until the soil becomes damp.

There you have it, simple steps that you can follow to clone your plants. Just remember that when doing this you should avoid plants that might not be healthy, as the process won’t work.

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