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Names and Wattage – Week 1

Names and Wattage - Week 1

Welcome to Week 1 of Names and Wattage. Names in the LED grow light industry can be very misleading in terms of what you think, what you are getting, and what you might actually be getting. While some LED companies name their systems based off the actual wattage used by the light, there are still plenty of companies that do not; and the companies that do name their lights after the LED’s actual wattage, the quality or sheer performance may fall below its claim.

Have a look at our video. Enjoy!

Often times we see 3w or 5w LEDs that are not truly 3w or 5w lights. A lot of the time these are simply
2 watt LEDs that are disguised to appear as a 3 watt or 3 watt to appear like a 5 watt. While HPS is a bit straight forward, LED systems are a bit more open to suggestion. Similarly, some LED companies boast huge wattage
numbers on their lights and just blatantly lie or maliciously mislead consumers. Knowing how many watts your LED light is pulling from the wall, as well as researching and buying from reputable companies, can save you a lot of headaches, time, and ultimately money.

At AdvancedLEDLights we have tested dozens of competitor’s lights and been disappointed in the claims
some companies make. We hope this video gives you some insight on what to look for when choosing an LED grow light. Buying a quality LED grow light does not have to be a headache; you just have to know what to look for.

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