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Micro Herb Gardening – When A Little Spice is Just Right!

Size Doesn’t Matter When It Comes To Herbs

Fresh herbs can take your cooking from hum-drum to delicious or from great to gourmet. Using your home-grown seasonings can also save you money at the grocery store, as well as give you a sense of satisfaction at having done it yourself. If you love the idea of using fresh ingredients but haven’t jumped into full-blown herb gardening because of the amount of work you expect it to be, why not consider gardening on a much smaller scale?

Micro-gardening may be the perfect way for you to get started growing your own herbs without having to invest much time, money or space. You don’t even need an outdoor garden spot to get started, since you can grow a variety of herbs right on your kitchen windowsill or by purchasing a grow tent kit.

The Convenience Of Micro-Gardening

Before you head to the home and garden store to stock up on the few things you’ll need to start a small herb garden, decide on a few basics.

Would you prefer to have an herb patch outside, or do you like the idea of snipping herbs right from a windowsill garden as you’re cooking? If you enjoy getting outside and working in the dirt, and want to experience the fragrant beauty of a herb garden while relaxing outdoors, then an outdoor patch is probably perfect for you. Make sure your chosen spot gets enough sun each day, and that the soil is good for the herbs you want to grow. Seed packets and volumes of information online can help you choose the right varieties for your area.

If outdoor gardening doesn’t appeal, or you don’t have a good place for it, then you might prefer a few pots inside. Don’t feel like you’ll be stuck with one place or another once you start. If you start outside, you can also add a few pots indoors if you decide later to expand your garden, or you can expand from an indoor garden to outside patch. You can also grow certain varieties outside, and keep a few pots or containers indoors to ensure that you have fresh herbs all year, regardless of the weather or the growing season in your area.

No Space? No Problem!

Before making a decision, consider how much room you can commit to your herb garden. No matter how small the patch, the window box, the windowsill or even a shelf under LED grow lights, as long as you can fit one plant or one pot, you can make it work as an herb garden.

For the truly short on space, you can purchase pots that have several openings along the side that are designed to help you grow more than one type of herb in a single container. You can also purchase small starter kits that contain everything you need, if you’re unsure how to get started.

Whether you want to have a fresh supply of basil on hand at all times, or you want to try to grow a variety of herbs, you can probably find someplace in your home or yard, no matter how small. The beauty of micro-gardening is that it’s so easy to make your herb garden perfectly fit your space and lifestyle.

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