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Hydroponic Gardening: 5 Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In this article we’re going to get into hydroponic gardening so we discuss the 5 most common mistakes that folks make which lead them to disaster. By the time you’re done reading you’ll be armed and ready to avoid them. And, feel free to go straight to the ones that most readily apply to you. With that said, enjoy!

Mistake #1: Forgetting to Measure pH Levels

Acid meter

You’ve taken the time to provide your lovelies with the highest quality water and nutrients possible, but what about how acidic things get over time? If you forget to maintain a proper pH balance you can basically boil the roots or cause them to perish slowly.

When it’s so incredibly easy, and affordable, to have an everyday pH tester there’s really no excuse here. You’re going to want to check them once every two days or so and then follow the specified amounts for your particular plants.

Mistake #2: Tampering Photosynthesis with Poor Lighting

poor lighting

What your lights are doing for your garden is providing it with the ideal amount of artificial sunlight so that your red peppers will grow or your herbs and spices can thrive. Therefore, if you go with the wrong lighting setup things can get ugly fast. Or worse, you could suppress your plants ability to produce.

These days there’s no reason not to take advantage of modern LED lights, or light-emitting diodes. They give you and your plants much more bang for your buck. So, your plants get higher quality light that won’t harm them and you get to reduce your energy consumption needs. The key is placement.

Mistake #3: Creating a Toxic Environment

Toxic environment for plants

Overall you want to provide your hydro garden with the best and cleanest environment possible. This includes the water, air (oxygen and CO2 levels), organic nutrients, other types of fertilizers, air flow, etc. You don’t want chemical pollutants in any of that. You don’t want to create breeding grounds for molds, pests, critters or diseases.

Typically, for beginners, this is a pretty common mistake to say the least especially when it comes to cheap and readily available fertilizers with ungodly amounts of industrial chemicals and toxins.

Mistake #4: Improperly Planned Grow-Space

Make sure that your garden has room to grow, not just your plants. Oftentimes people will begin with a small hydro garden and assume they’ll never want or need to expand. Maybe that little corner of the closet isn’t going to be enough six months to a year from now?

Or, you get the hang of things and want to move on to bigger plants, or more plants. So here’s the thing, if you’ve got the space why not just set up a little greenhouse? Do you have an un-used shed in the backyard? Is there a huge part of your garage being invaded by trash or junk you should probably get rid of anyway? Just a few ideas.

Mistake #5: Losing the Attention Game

Loving your plants

You don’t want to give your plants too much love, but you don’t want to neglect them either. At the end of the day this takes experience. But, don’t expect anything to happen overnight. You’ve got to be willing to devote time to maintain the nutrients, fertilizers, water, pH levels and the environment though without being too rough on your friends.

So, here’s the deal: only visit your garden once every other day when you have to check pH levels. It’s not just a simple pass-through, but a time to use your eyes and delicate hands to examine the life forms growing in your home. Become the careful grower, not the uninvolved or over-nurturing grower. And with this knowledge, and some forethought, you’ll enjoy the fruits of your labor of love. Indoor hydroponic gardening is a lifestyle; an incredible hobby that continues to pay off!

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