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Different Ways to Grow Potatoes

Growing PotatoesIf you have ever wanted to start growing potatoes in your garden, one thing that you first need to know is that there are different methods you can use to do this. Unlike other types of vegetables and plants, you can try out different ways in your garden to see which one gives you the best results as well as picking one that matches your grow space

For the different ways you can grow this, one of the more popular methods is called Hilled Rows. For this method, what you need to do is make shallow trenches that are 2 to 3 feet apart. When planting the potato seeds, you need to make sure that the seeds are 12 inches apart from each other. You also need to make sure that the seeds are covered with 3-inch thick soil. A lot of people that grow potatoes love this method because there is no need to buy containers when planting them. The Hilled Rows method is inexpensive and practical for large-scale gardens. The disadvantage of this method can be seen on the yield. If the quality of the soil is not good, then this will affect your harvest and they won’t grow as well. If you have good quality soil, this may be the best option for you.

Another method that you may want to try is the Raised Bed. As the name implies, you will need a raised bed for this one. Out of all of the options available, many gardeners prefer this method as it produces the largest harvest. If your soil is poorly drained and heavy, this method will benefit you most. The only down side is that you will need a lot of soil for them to grow.

The next method is called the Straw Mulch. For this option, you will place your seeds in the soil before covering them with straw. This is another good route to consider because the mulch can conserve the moisture of the soil and you also don’t need to dig during harvest. If these other options don’t sounds like the right fit for you, you can consider using a wood box. This is very similar to the raised bed method and can also yield an impressive harvest.

If you do not have enough space to grow your potatoes, you may consider using a grow bag. You can easily put grow bags in patios and driveways and use that as your grow area. I know some of you might think that they won’t grow as well using this method but if done right, you can have some nice looking potatoes. The disadvantage is the cost of
bag. If you do not want to use the grow bag, you can always use a garbage bag instead. A final option you can use is the wire cylinder method. This method is very good for those who have problems with soil drainage.

These are just some of the most common methods of planting and growing potatoes. When choosing the method
that’s right for you, you should look at things like your soil, location and budget, as this will allow you to see which one would work the best.

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