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11 Awesome Indoor Gardening Ideas

Botanical GardenOnce you know how to love and care for plants, their containers become an opportunity for further self-expression. With that said, in this article we’re going to cover 15 really super-awesome and quite nifty indoor gardening ideas you can use to spruce up your interior lifestyle.

#1: Get Cactus Crafty with Little Space

First, check out this arrangement of cactus plants in what looks like an old cast iron pan. Isn’t it wild how they can all live so scrunched together in harmony? How much fun would it be to create something so spectacular like that? It would look fabulous literally anywhere.

#2: Modern Artistic Plant Hangers

Now, we’ve got another awesome link for you: Etsy Hanging Planters. Isn’t it incredible the things that people can create with just a small amount of tools? Check out the Mid Century Jungalow Hanging Planter and all the hand-painted goodies. This should get your creative juices flowing.

#3: Simple & Useful Medicine Cabinets

These deserve their own section: indoor herb garden ideas. The way this artist does them is super quant and polished. Image 3 rows in your kitchen with tons of fresh organic herbs that make your home smell wonderful and your family a bit healthier. They’re out of the way too and don’t take much space.

#4: Over the Top Indoor Gardens

Oh boy, watch out! These ones are pretty upscale, but they’re so beautiful and elegant you should check them out. Here’s a page of indoor gardens that’ll make your jaw drop from

#5: An Old Dresser

Imaging finding an old small dresser that’s pretty much about to become dump-fodder but all the drawers are still intact. Simply take three or four draws, or, fix it up a bit until it can hold plants and soil. Don’t worry, here’s a dresser garden tutorial from HubPages. Here’s a picture of using really old formal desk drawers.

#6: Artistic Potting

Man, sometimes all you need to do is head online and look at all the stunning photographs people take from within their homes. The ones that really catch your eyes are those where the color of the pots, their sizes and the types of the plants in them come with steep variety. Here’s a great example of artistic potting from

#7: No Windowsills Left Unused

Listen, there’s always room for a garden…somewhere in your home. Even if you happen to live alone in a tiny one bedroom apartment. If you’ve got a windowsill, you’ve got a place for a garden. Here’s an in-depth rundown on windowsill gardens from Better Homes to get you started.

#8: Get Wild with Vines

Types of vines: foliage, edible, fragrant and flowering. It takes a bit of shopping around to find the right type of vines for your indoor setting. But, once you find it and you watch it growing around you, intertwining itself up/down a bookshelf or something, it’s awesome! English Ivy is a good start.

#9: Easy Thrivers

These are the types of plants for people who try to care for plants but typically end up failing. It’s okay. The good news is there are plenty of them out there that you can plant and almost forget about. But, because they’re such eye catchers and you can plant them in just about anything anywhere in doors you’ll see them all the time. Here’s a great article on easy indoor plants.

#10: Bonsai!

Seriously, if you don’t have a bonsai tree yet then you should get on it immediately. Yes, they do take some care, but that’s part of the bonsai experience. You get to sculpt them. They become a living canvas of art. And, they thrive well indoors and on the porch while not requiring much space. Check out this video of a guy pruning his 25 year old Juniper Bonsai.

#11: Heard of Terrariums?

These are so beautiful it’s crazy. Watch out though because you could easily become a terrarium addict. They have a spiritual effect and it’s crazy fun picking your container, the soil, the many plants you’ll use and where to place them inside your home. For a really earthy-creative-example, check out these Eco Orbs from the TendLiving crew.

Well then, if you were looking for some serious inspiration for your indoor gardening ambitions that should get you started. Weren’t those Eco Orbs enchanting? A few of those around the house along with a good bonsai and you’re almost a Zen master right there. Enjoy!

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