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10 Smart Tips for Successfully Growing Marijuana Indoors

Marijuana buds

Growing your own cannabis can be a great and fulfilling venture, but there are certain struggles that people encounter if they’re not prepared enough. But worry not, all the headaches and wasted material can be prevented with some preparation and well selected information. It`s all goes down to being prepared, putting in some effort and laying down the foundations for a hassle free growing process.

The internet is a huge place where you can get lost among all the advices, so we’re presenting you this list of 10 smart tips that will help you grow cannabis indoors without any trouble.

1. Start with the Right Genetic Material

This is arguably one of the most important steps in the growing process. A plant with good genes will set a solid foundation for everything else. No amount of efforts can help a plant with bad genes grow better, so do your research and make a proper choice.

Don`t grow from a clone and start with a seed. A clone is much more likely to develop diseases, get pest infection or just be inherently weaker. Look for strains that are known for their thick buds and potent qualities.

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2. Prepare the Growing Space

Growing cannabis successfully is all about planning. Decide how big you want your operation to be beforehand otherwise you might end up having too many plants growing in an insufficient space.

Also, make sure that there is proper ventilation and room for any additional equipment such as grow lights, containers and miscellaneous materials. Ideally the room should be sealed and prevent any smell or light from escaping.

3. Good Soil and Fertilizer Management

A good quality natural soil is sufficient and can provide the plant with the necessary supplements and nutrients. If the soil is of good quality it will require no further additives or at least no sooner than the last stages of growth.

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Be careful if you`re adding fertilizer, don`t go too far or the plant might experience burns, leaf harm and an overall weakened state. Always make sure to use reputable products and make research prior to purchasing.

4. Providing Proper Light Conditions

Light is one of the most important aspects to successfully growing cannabis, and luckily one that can be very accurately controlled. Modern equipment like LED grow lights for marijuana provide the perfect tool for the purpose.

LED Grow Light

optimally cannabis requires light in differentfor each growth stage. One of the most useful features is the adjustability of the light spectrum, enabling for the crafting of special light recipes and catering perfectly to the plant`s needs. For example, it`s best to have light in blue spectrum during the vegetative stage, whereas light in the red spectrum helps the plant develop bigger buds during the flowering stage.

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5. Grow Room Temperature

Room temperature is vital for the photosynthesizing of the plant,  if the room cold then the plant will evaporate less through its leaves which leads to reduced nutrient absorption overall.

  • When the lights are working the recommended temperature is from 68F to about 77F. As the plant matures the temperature can be increased to 81F.
  • When the lights are not working the recommended temperature is from 62F to 72F. Try to keep the difference between the light and darkness cycles to no more than 50F. If you`re temperature during light cycles is 75F, then the one during dark cycles shouldn`t be less than 65F. Optimally, the difference should be 25F.

6. Pinch, Pluck, Prune and be Patient

These are the so called Four P`s of growing cannabis. It is a method for growing bushier plants and achieving bigger and thicker buds.

Pinch off the middle growth point on the top of the plant for to stimulate a bushy expansion, but only if the plant is not less than 2 weeks away from budding. Then pluck away any leaves that are blocking the light from penetrating any growth points, but be moderate and don`t go overboard. Also, don`t forget to prune as the process creates a controlled and beneficial stress on the plant. Lastly, patience is a key. Don`t rush the steps and monitor the process as the plant develops.

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7. Keep the Area Clean

Keeping the grow area clean is another essential thing to keep in mind. While it may sound self-explanatory it`s still worth mentioning due to the susceptibility of cannabis to disease. Naturally, you want to keep the plant from developing any diseases. The best way to do that is to wash your hands and clean your tools every tie before handling the plants.

8. Good Air Circulation

Having a well ventilated grow room with free flowing air is another important aspect. All professional growers are aware that the quality of air can make that subtle difference in quality that makes great into amazing.

If you`re growing less than 3 plants of up to medium size it`s sufficient to use two oscillating fans. If you`re growing more plants it  means that you need more grow lights, which generate more heat and require the usage of more fans and a better air circulation system.

9. Harvesting at the Right Time

Make sure that you don`t harvest too early or late. The buds have reached maturity when the white hairs have changed their color to rusty red or even brownish. It`s also common practice to harvest a few buds on separate stages in order to determine exactly which one yields the best results. As the THC in the plant matures the effects get “stonier” so to say.

10. Drying and Curing

This is the final and sweetest step in the growing process, but certainly not one that should be neglected in terms of preparation. Some professionals even say that what you do after harvesting is just as important as the processes before that.

Drying and curing properly helps the buds be more aromatic, have better appearance and even increases potency. First dry the buds nicely without rushing the process and then cure them in jars for up to a month in order for them to get tighter.

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We hope that these 10 smart tips have made the process of growing cannabis indoors a bit more clear and inviting. Follow the basic guidelines and you should do just fine. Remember that growing is a long-term dedication and every setback teaches you a lesson that you can later use to your advantage. Monitor the plants, respond accordingly and don`t overdo things.

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