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Cost Efficiency LED vs HID

Having simplicity in your life is always a great thing. Nobody wants to over complicate things more than they need to be when they could achieve the same goal with LESS effort. This week’s video focuses on just that, simplicity.
Which grow light system you choose can be a deciding factor in how difficult or seamlessly easy one makes their life. LED systems are much easier to setup than battling with hoses and air ducts of an HID system. This video
demonstrates how simple it can be to hang an LED system right out of the box and how difficult and expensive it can be dealing with HID systems. Making life easy in terms of which light you choose has never been easier, with LED Lights becoming the mainstream, it is easy to see exactly why LED systems are so appealing.

Have a look at our video. Enjoy!


In our Cost Efficiency LED vs HID video you can easily see the initial cost and setup time saved with an LED system versus the initial cost and setup time of an HID system.
This video allows you to see firsthand all the parts and pieces of an HID system compared to an LED system.

Have a look at our Costs Chart Below and see for yourself.

Graph LED EfficiencyNot only does it take more time to set up an HID system, but for every 6,000 hours you run an HID system you must replace the bulb/lamp; which can costs you around $60-$125 making it inconvenient and expensive.

Enjoyment in the garden is also an important thing, when spending time working under a hot HID system it is necessary to protect your skin from the harmful UV radiation emitted by an HID system.
When working under an LED system you do not need to wear long sleeve protective clothing or have to worry about any harmful UV radiation emitted from an LED system.

Try one of our NEW LED systems today and start enjoying your indoor garden in ways you could only have imagined just a few years ago.

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