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600w HPS vs XML 350 LED – Journal Week 7


Welcome back to week 7, the final video of our 7 part journal series installments. Last week we saw side by side shots comparing each of the new plants introduced at the end of week 5. This weeks video shows the continued growth from all plants respectively.

Take a look at our video. Enjoy!


The beef steak tomato plant can be seen on the left-hand side of the photos followed by the 2 patio tomato plants. There was a very noticeable difference in tomato size produced by the XML 350. The 600w HPS had an equal amount of fruiting within beef steak tomatoes, but yielded slightly smaller tomatoes overall. If we look at the patio tomatoes, not only did the XML 350 grow vastly larger tomatoes, but it also grew more than the 600w HPS.

The rosemary continued to grow denser and about a half an inch taller than the XML 350 side, where the 600w HPS had no growth in height and started to display an unhealthy yellow tint among the top of the plant.

The eggplant grew over 6 inches on both the 600w HPS and the XML 350 LED. Both appeared to be even in growth, similar to week 6, however there were signs of heat damage among a few of the leaves under the 600w HPS grow light. While the damage was worth mentioning, the overall health of the plant still remained true.

Our total harvest this week is as follows: a total tomato weight of 133g for the XML 350 and 120g for the 600w HPS. This brings the overall cumulative total tomato weight to 1591g for the XML 350 and 941g for the 600w HPS for
weeks 1-7. In total, the basil harvested at the end of weeks 1-7 was 195g for the XML 350 and 180g for the 600w HPS which was harvested in week 4.

With one tent housing our XML 350 and the other tent housing the 600w HPS, both tents are treated equally. For both tents we are using the same treatments, environmental factors, and water/nutrient blends. Maintaining equality throughout the entirety of the growth cycle provides us with accurate data and this data is used to give you true results when comparing an LED to an HPS.

This wraps up our 7 week journal installment. We will be starting another journal series soon, so make sure to look for that as well as many other videos from

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