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600w HPS vs XML 350 LED – Journal Week 4

Welcome back to journal week 4. Last week we saw dramatic differences between our XML 350’s patio tomato plants harvest and the 600w HPS. 
This week we saw continuing variances with our ornamental purple peppers, growth of our rosemary, and some tomato harvesting with a little trimming from our basil plants.

Have a look at our video. Enjoy!

When comparing to the 600w HPS from the previous week, the 600w HPS produced quite a bit more tomatoes during this week’s harvest. One of the 600w HPS tomato plants is thriving much more than the other, a change that was just as unexpected as it was quick. The XML 350 is still producing larger and heavier fruit than the 600w HPS while both tomato plants continue to look very similar in height and density.

The peppers are ripening slightly faster on the 600w HPS side, but the color, size, and height of the XML 350’s pepper plants are becoming more and more transparent as the weeks progress. What used to be minimal flowering
on both the LED and HPS systems have now blossomed everywhere on the LED system while there was little to no blossoming for the HPS system.

We finally started to see some growth on the rosemary plants in both tents. This looks very promising in the next couple weeks to gather data from, after receiving little to almost no data in the previous weeks.

The basil plants have surpassed the tomato plants in height by over a few inches. The basil plants were cut down to about half their size to allot for further monitoring of growth. The XML 350’s two basil plants yielded 195g of basil, while the 600w HPS produced 180g.

With one tent housing our XML 350 and the other tent housing the 600w HPS, both tents are treated equally. For both tents we are using the same treatments, environmental factors, and water/nutrient blends.
Maintaining equality throughout the entirety of the growth cycle provides us with accurate data and this data is used to give you true results when comparing an LED to an

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