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600w HPS vs XML 350 LED – Journal Week 3

Welcome back to journal week 3. While things took off from weeks 1-2, this week proved to be more eventful for the XML 350 for the harvest from our patio tomato plants. In week three the 600w HPS produced 94g of tomatoes; however the XML 350 outperformed the 600w HPS by producing 391g of tomatoes.

Have a look at our video. Enjoy!

With the addition of our new ornamental purple peppers plants we also saw a difference in color in the actual fruiting of the plant and its foliage. While the 600w HPS still began to produce fruit, the appearance was not as vibrant purple compared to the XML 350 side. New growth also started appearing rapidly on the XML 350 side with bright green colors throughout the entirety of each plant. The 600w HPS has very little, to almost no new growth present on the tops of 2 of the 3 ornamental purple pepper plants.

With one tent housing our XML 350 and the other tent housing the 600w HPS, both tents are treated equally. For both tents we are using the same treatments, environmental factors, and water/nutrient blends. Maintaining equality throughout the entirety of the growth cycle provides us with accurate data and this data is used to give you true results when comparing an LED to an HPS.

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