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XML 350 LED Grow Light vs. 600W HPS

XML 350 LED Grow Light vs. 600w HPS Grow Light

From the feedback that we’ve been getting at AdvancedLED, one grow light comparison that quite a few people wanted to see was comparing the XML 350 to a 600w HPS light, so we decided to make a video. We recently concluded a 6 week test of Roma Tomatoes in soil from clone using the XML 350 LED light and the 600w HPS light and the results were staggering. In the video you can clearly see that not only was there more growth in the leaves and plant with the XML 350 light, but there was also more tomato growth as well. If you are looking to start your own indoor garden and are deciding between these two grow lights, I think the answer is now pretty clear on which one to buy!

Video Transcription

Hey guys, this is Kyle at the lab. Everybody’s been asking for one test in particular and that’s a 600 watt HPS going against an XML 350. And we’ve been doing that. We’re about six weeks in right now. And what I wanna do is just show you the two plants. What I’m gonna do first is take you over here under the HPS system. And what I wanna do is show you the size of some of the leaves. Especially on the new starts as they’re coming up. You can see the flowers are doing nice under here. Um, you can also see the coloration. Here’s, in particular, one that’s stretching up, new growth. You can look at the size of the leaves on it. You can look at the coloration of it. Look at the size of the stem. Now I just wanna go over and take a look at the one under the XML. You can see the new growth structure we have under here. You can see the coloration of the leaves. You can see these are a lot darker green. Here’s one that, uh,  popped up and started growing up. The growth just looks amazing. It’s actually the new coming up. You can see how thick these leaves are, how they’re not little small rounded and staying there.  As they get larger, all the leaves in this plant are getting larger. Um, if we could just real quick pop back over to the other one. I’ll show you what I mean. Now that you’ve seen that. Now, see, as we come in and look at these, you can see these little leaves, they just take tiny, even as we go in deep into the canopy, you can see these leaves just aren’t the same size. And this canopy is just not just as dense.

Hey guys, I wanna show you a couple of different things. As you can see these two as you’re lookin’ at them.  I want you to look at the size of the plant. You can see, the XML 350 over here on the right, the 600 watt HPS on the left hand side. You can see, basically, the size and the mass looks pretty much the same, they look pretty equal. What I’d like to do, so we can get a better look at that is I’m gonna pull one plant, the better plant, from each stall. We’re gonna set them up on the table and let you guys look at them.

Hey guys, we pulled the plants out of their stalls and we put them up here on the table for you. Just like they were in the video that you saw earlier. The left hand side we had the HPS up on, and the right hand side we had the plant that was under the XML 350. If you would, just take a look at them. You can see, there is, when you put them together there is obvious structural differences. You can see the leaves are larger on the left hand side. The size of the, the overall size of the plants is about the same, but what really strikes me is, if you notice the amount of fruit you’re seeing on the, over on the XML 350 side. You can see that there’s fruit all in it. Now, if you come over here, since we’re all in this one, I’m gonna turn this and I wanna show you the fruit that we have. We have one fruit, she’s right under there. We have some fruit setting on up top. But when you look over here at the XML 350, we have fruit. And then we turn it this side, and there’s more fruit. And we turn it this side, there’s more fruit. And then, just like the other one, we have one ready to pick right there. We’ve got one right there. So, they each one, had some fruit, but one’s got a lot more.

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