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  Advanced LED Grow Lights Cheap Chinese LED Lights
 LED Diode Quality: 3w USA Made LEDs Poor Quality – Made in China 1w LEDs
 Quality of Heat Sink: Patented Finned Heat Sink Flat Sheet of Aluminum.
 LED Color Ratios: 11 Colors with Proven Results Poor Results.
 Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty 2 Year (If they honor it.)
 Guarantee: 90 Day Money Back Guarantee No Guarantee
 Light Intensity: High Light Intensity – Peak PAR Poor Light Intensity
 Customer Service: Real US Sales and Support Staff Limited Support (If any.)
 Shipping Fees: Flat Rate Shipping Unknown Shipping Costs.
Location: United States China


Government Tests Prove Adverse Affects with Low Quality LEDs


Source: EnergyStar.gov “Learn about LEDs”


We recognize the fact that people who are interested in growing plants indoors have a variety of options, and we hold a firm position within the marketplace because we take a no-nonsense approach and we stand behind our product line. LED grow lights are indeed an upgrade over the costly and inefficient HID variety, as long as you purchase LED growing lights of sufficient quality. We source all of our products from the most well respected manufacturers in the industry, and they stimulate thick, lush, high yield growth efficiently, effectively, and consistently.

 It is really a matter of common sense. LED grow lights last six times as long as HID lighting, and they provide a 90% savings in energy costs when you combine the efficiency of directional lighting with the fact that no cooling systems are needed when you use LED growing lights. If discretion is a concern, LED lights are a true revelation because they are just warm to the touch and leave no thermal footprint. There are no reflectors required, no ballasts, and LED grow systems require less frequent watering. Plus, the lack of excessive and dangerous heat reduces the risk of fires and mitigates plant damage due to burns from harsh, costly, and inefficient HID lighting.

 Do Led Grow Lights Work?

We feel as though we have effectively communicated the advantages that LED indoor grow lights provide in theory. But we realize that many people may say, okay, they use less electricity and put out less heat, and sure, they may last longer than HIDs, but…do LED grow lights work? The simple answer is yes, they do, when you use state-of-the-art, high quality LED lights. We are well aware of the snake oil salesmen who have tarnished the industry shouting the praises of LED lighting for indoor plant growth, only to sell you low wattage cheapo systems that couldn’t grow a blade of grass. But the reality is that LED grow light technology has been steadily refined, and truly top quality, effective high yield lighting is now available to indoor growers at affordable but realistic prices.

Our success is built on solid relationships with our customers which result in repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising. We don’t expect you to have to use it, but we offer a 90 day no-risk money back guarantee. If you find that you aren’t satisfied with the LED lighting that you purchase from us, simply return it and we will give you a refund with no hassles or hesitation. When you order from Advanced LED Grow Lights, we treat you like we like to be treated when we are the customer, and that is our commitment to you.