May 3, 2011

Which LED grow light lens is the best for your garden? 

The most popular are discussed on our blog including 60 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree.

LED grow lights all use some type of lens to focus light that is emitted from an LED diode because LED diodes emit light in all directions (just the diode not the entire LED component).  An LED lens is an important factor is choosing any LED grow light to ensure you are getting the perfect balance of both light intensity and light coverage.  Too many sellers of lights claim to have the best ratio but they never say why or tell you the drawbacks to their lens, and they all have drawbacks.  If you are planning to purchase an LED grow light please read our complete guide to LED grow light lenses, which includes details on why we chose 90 degree lenses and the drawbacks to other lenses which we tested thoroughly before beginning production.

Click Here to get complete details on LED grow light lenses including 60 degree, 90 degree and 120 degree.