December 17, 2010

All Blue LED Grow Lights are Now Available

Our latest tests have been completed and we are proud to announce our All Blue LED Grow Lights are now available.  Our new veg light produces an extreme amount of intense PAR that is 100% blue with output spectrums ranging from 415nm-470nm. 

Benefits of All Blue LED Grow Lights

All blue LED grow lights have a huge advantage over other types of grow lights that are mainly used in vegetative growth such as Metal Halide and florescent lights.  When plants are in vegetative growth cycles the main color of light needed is blue light.  In the spring, plants that are outdoors naturally get a larger dose of blue light from the sun which leads to very strong growth of leaves, stems and other vegetative structure.  Other grow lights such as Metal Halide and florescent are not as efficient in producing blue light because these lights output a wide spectrum of light(white light) which includes blue but also includes other colors of light such as red, green and yellow.  Our All Blue LED Grow Lights allow growers to provide only the blue light plants love, enabling the garden to be very efficient during vegetative growth without any sacrifices.

Key Features of Our New All Blue LED Grow Lights

Our new All Blue LED Grow Lights use a proprietary technology with some key components:

– USA Made Bridgelux Blue LEDs

– 3w and 1w HO Bridgelux LEDs

– Secondary Focusing Lens 

– Multiple Wavelengths of Blue LEDs

If your garden is using Metal Halide or florescent lights to grow during vegetative cycles then you could benefit from our new Extreme Veg LED grow lights.  These new veg lights are offered in 120w, 180w, and 360w with prices starting at $299.  We offer a 90 day money back guarantee so you can try them risk free to see the results yourself.  If you have any questions or would like to place an order, give us a call at 1-800-401-6307.