January 2, 2011

What is a UFO LED Grow Light?

LED Grow Lights come in many sizes and shapes including what is known as a UFO LED Grow Light.  A UFO grow light is one of the most popular sizes due to low starting costs.  LED UFO Lights are round in shape and usually include 90 LEDs ranging in wattage from 1w to 3w of power per LED. 

New UFO LED Grow Light with OptiCurrent Technology

Our new LED UFO Grow Light called the 120w Extreme Flower LED UFO grow light is the most popular UFO grow light we offer and now includes the latest OptiCurrent Technology.  OptiCurrent is designed to maximize the light ouput of any LED grow light while minimizing the total power consumption of the light itself.  The 120w Extreme Flower LED UFO Light has an extreme amount of PAR output with all 3w LEDs and now with OptiCurrent Technology the grower can minimize the power consumption and overall operating costs of each light.

The Most Powerful UFO LED Grow Light

The average UFO LED grow light has all 1w LEDs and pulls roughly 78w of total power with a 2ft x 2ft.  The 120w Extreme Flower LED UFO uses all 3w LEDs and, with OptiCurrent, uses 120w of power with a 2.5ft x 2.5ft coverage area.  This intense light output is stronger than any other UFO LED grow light and has been proven to grow dense vegetation and flower structures.