December 25, 2010

Soon we will be offering a new line of LED grow lights called LED Micro Lights.  These LED Micro Lights will allow every grower (even those using HID lights) to add specific colors of light to their garden to provide a boost to different stages of growth.  For example, a grower that uses HPS lights during veg cycles could use our All Blue LED Micro Light to provide more blue light and enhance the vegetative growth of the garden.  Every stage of growth in any garden can benefit from our LED Micro Lights in the same way Micro Nutrients work to add those small elements that are missing in the Macro Nutrient line.  We have proven that plants need Micro Lights just as much as they need Micro Nutrients and we are the first company to offer this type of LED grow light in a full line that will benefit your garden throughout the entire growing process, from seed to harvest.

Available January 2011.  More details will be updated and featured here when we have stock available.