Create and maintain the optimal indoor growing environment for your plants with durable, high quality grow tents.

Maximize Yields by Using High-Quality Affordable Grow Tents

The Benefits of Grow Tents

Grow tents offer numerous benefits for hydroponic farmers and indoor gardeners including:

  • Protection from insects and pests
  • Reflective interior maximizes light exposure to enhance photosynthesis
  • Prevents plant odor from spreading to other areas
  • Save money on electricity by intensifying light
  • Facilitates humidity control
  • Mobile – easy to setup and break down
  • Filtered air prevents contamination by toxins

By choosing the right grow tent for your indoor garden or hydroponic system, you’ll find your garden produces healthier and fuller plants, larger vibrant colored blooms, and abundant harvests.

How to Choose the Best Grow Tent

Top of the line grow tents use durable, high-quality zippers, rugged and sturdy canvas, and non-toxic Mylar materials. While cut-rate grow tents might appear to be just like higher priced grow tents, users report several issues including broken zippers and harmful off-gassing of noxious fumes from substandard materials. At Advanced LED Lights, we stock only the best grow tents available.

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Types of Grow Tents

  • Hydroponic Grow Tents with Lights: Grow tents with lights designed for hydroponic systems allow growers to create a dense and lush indoor garden without the clutter of boxes or cabinets.
    • Benefits
      • Eliminates excess heat from living areas
      • Prevents light and odors from seeping into other spaces in your home
      • More economical than grow boxes
      • Innovative LED Light Grow Tents

      Many of the most popular, high-quality grow tent kits available include LED lights instead of HID/HPS lights. LED lighted grow tent kits offer several advantages when compared to older HID/HPS grow tent kits.

      • Benefits
        • LED grow lights use less electricity than HID/HPS lights do
        • LED lights produce less heat than HPS lights make
        • HID grow tents require intense cooling systems than LED light grow tents needs

    Make an LED Grow Tent Kit Using Advanced LED Lights

    Built your custom LED grow tent kit by following these simple steps:

    1. Select the type and size of grow tent needed
    2. Remember to consider

    • The tent size
    • The type of plants you plan to grow
    • The growth cycle of the plants, e.g. veg, flowering, or both

    3. Using considerations listed above, select the size and number of LED grow lights needed for each tent.

    Still have questions about grow tents or LED lights? Contact the Advanced LED Light experts today!