As one of the leaders in the LED grow light industry, we strive to continually create products that our customers love and that also help them with their indoor gardens. We are constantly running different tests in our lab on future products we will be releasing, as well as doing reviews and comparsions of grow lights currently on the market today. Because we wanted to share all the data and information we gather with our customers, we have created this section to showcase some of the images and videos that come from it. Check back weekly as we constantly update this page with different test results we get from our lab.

Comparsion Test of Cloning Gels and Powders – See how well some common cloning gels and powders work when trying to clone a plant.

Simple tips to Cloning Plants – In this video, we take a look at a simple way you can clone your plants for your garden.

XML 350 LED Grow Light vs. 600w HPS Grow Light – In this video, we compare the XML350 to a 600w HPS light and the results from this test were staggering.

5w CREE LED Veg Grow Light – In this video we take a look at the 5w CREE LED Veg light in action to see how well it works with green leave plants like lettuce and spinach.

Time Lapse Snapdragons and Marigolds – Time lapse video of snapdragon plants and marigolds under a LED grow light

Time Lapse Tomatoes 24hr Period – Time lapse video of tomatoes for 24hr time frame.

Time Lapse Tomatoes 3 Day Period – Time lapse video of tomatoes for 3 day time frame.

LED Grow Pics – Take a look at some of the grow pics using LED lights