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Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights

Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights are Now Available!

Have you ever seen a full spectrum grow light that can match the output of the sun?  

The sun is the perfect object to grow plants since plants have adapted to the spectral output of the suns rays and therefore perform best under this full spectrum light.  After several months of careful study and testing Advanced LED has created the latest advancement in full spectrum grow lights.

The Diamond Series XML line of lights uses high BIN (high output) 10W CREE XML LEDs that put out a full spectrum of white light that is very much the same as the fall output of the sun.  Added to this white full spectrum of light is our standard Diamond Series color ratios in all 3w single chip LEDs that compliment the white light from the CREE LEDs.  This full spectrum of light mimics the sun and provides a dense matrix of PAR that sends flowering plants into overdrive causing an extreme amount of flowers and fruits with high yeilds in any indoor grow space.  

Full Spectrum 10w CREE + 3w Colored LEDs = Fantastic Growth

The Diamond Series XML 350 is the most powerful line of Full Spectrum LED grow lights available today and covers a 4ft x 4ft area with maximum intensity that every grower that wants high yields requires.  If you are searching for a full spectrum LED grow light that will provide high coverage and high flowering rates try the Diamond Series XML risk free for 90 days and give us your opinion. 

Happy growing!