October 5, 2012

Eshine LED is a cheap Chinese factory that falsely claims to manufacture the Diamond Series so people will think they are buying a real Diamond Series LED. If you are looking at any Eshine LED lights, BUYER BEWARE! Read our experience with ESHINE and the feedback we get from people who have bought from them.

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Here is the Truth about Eshine Systems:

1.  Eshine Systems does not make, manufacture or supply any products to Advanced LED.  After purchasing a small number of lights we found Eshine to be far inferior from what they claim and they did not honor their warranty.

2.  Eshine Systems shipped us cheap low quality lights that failed at a high rate (tested).  Common Problems Included: Power supply failure,  lenses falling out,  dented/scratched lights,  LED failure,  switch failure and LEDs remaining lit in the dark period!  We get calls on a daily basis about eShine and the problems people have with lights they bought from Eshine.

3.  Eshine Systems LED does not honor their warranty! They require that customers ship the lights back to them in China(expensive),  pay to have them fixed and then pay for shipping again.  NOTE:  If they tell you they pay for these things it is only to sell you!

4.  Eshine Systems LEDs are NOT the same as the Diamond Series LEDs.  Even though they look the similar, the Diamond Series is very different.  Here are a few differences:

We are a USA based company with a 24 hour warranty guarantee and full time AMERICAN staff to help all our customers. Call us!  1-800-401-6307

  • The Diamond Series have been Tested (real grow tests), Proven (see YouTube) and Approved (see our reviews) by growers world-wide and are backed by a 90 day guarantee and a warranty that costs you nothing.
  • Higher quality parts! We use top quality fans, heat sinks and top BIN LEDs from the best brands for each color we use.  Our manufacturing process is much more accurate and able to wire and test lights that have a very low rate of part failure. (less than 1%)
  • The Diamond Series Lens!  We tested over 40 different TIR lenses and hand selected the DS LED lens as the best choice. We are always testing new lenses and the DS lens remains the winner.  Although the Eshine Lens looks the similar, it is not the same lens.  In fact many companies simply put a TIR optic or a Collimated (dome shaped) lens over their LEDs and tell you it is a Diamond Series.  Each lens operates completely different from others and the Diamond Series Lens is perfect for growing.

Already Bought from Eshine LED and need help?  Call 1-800-401-6307

If you bought from Eshine (or any other company) thinking you were getting a real Diamond Series LED only to have problems, give us a call and we will try to help you get growing again.  NOTE:  Diamond Series LEDs are not sold on Amazon either, these are also fake lights from Eshine!

Diamond Series LEDs are only sold by Advanced LED and our top notch retail partners.

If you have any questions OR want to order the real Diamond Series LED, give us a call at 1-800-401-6307.

We will be updating this post with quotes from Eshine stating they do not make the Diamond Series LEDs and other proof of the low quality and warranty problems with Eshine Systems LEDs.