Real LED Grow Light Reviews from Real Customers


Posted by High Desert Grow – Kevin

When I purchased the light I was a not sure of its ability to do the job as I was told the 180W LED could do the same as a 400W HPS and I found that hard to imagine. I have had two lights burning side by side one 400 HPS and the 180W LED and 3 plants under each light about 6 foot apart so they would not influence each other. the plants under each light are the same size in height and width. The plants under the HPS 400W the soil dries out quickly, and under the 180 W LED the soil is always still damp when I go to water. It is clear to me the results of the LED are much better than the HPS, as it is much cooler and you need much less water to satisfy with same results in growth. I am now satisfied with results and I am purchasing the 360W. I will let you know the results of the 360 Watt in about 90 days.

The Best Customer Service Ever.

Posted by Marcos

I just hooked up my lights and from what I can tell there’s no comparing hid with led. Led is the wave of the future, just like dvd made vhs obsolete, so will led do to hid, and this company is on top of the food chain. There lights are the best in the market hands down. They only raise the heat by 6-8 degrees and they made so that the plants use all the energy that is being produce. All I know is my plants look huge after 5 days and they’re very happy and perk. In one word amazing. I highly recommend these light, and I’ll write again to let you folks know about the yield. The customer service (Kyle) will take you by the hand and suggest which light is best for your setup. What more can you ask for?

Great light

Posted by Larry

Awesome results just bought #2 no heat low power great yeild better than hps in my opinion you dont have to babysit do to heat burn or over temp room CUSTOMER SERVICE KYLE #1. Thanks will be buying more soon PRICE IS BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE.

Just Got It

Posted by David

First off, the customer service is amazing. I called and told them I was on a budget and they worked with me to get the right light for my space at the best price.

Then, it took a mere four business (if you include the day they took it to fedex) for it to arrive.

I just got it today and already have been able to close my closet door, with the light on, due to the reduced heat. I have never been able to do this with my 400w hps. So far, amazing. Since I have had it only one day I will not be able to review its quality as a light, but the lack of heat has already sold me!


Posted by Vincent

I would like to take the time to compliment the team at Advanced LED Lights for their EXCELLENT customer service. I chose this company over the MANY other companies out there offering LED’s because: 1. when you call, they answer 2. they’re located in the States-keep our jobs here; China and India have enough of our jobs already! and 3. powerful 3W LED’s in the wavelengths that my plants need-no wasted energy; therefore, less heat and less money to the electric co. and more money to me.
Rest assured that if your light doesn’t work out for you then the guys at Advanced LED Lights will be FAIR and HONEST when helping resolve any issues.


Posted by Corey D

I recently ordered online the 180 watt Extreme flower grow light. I had great results with it as soon as took it out of the box and set it up on the lights hanger ( the hangers was gave to me at no extra cost…..NICE) The light it self was so freaking bright i do not advise you to look directly at it lol. The tehc support at Advanced LED is also 5 star…..its nice to know that when you pay for a product like this, you are talking with a live person on the other side availible to answer any questions or deal with any concerns you may have. I never had a problem with the light, its quality, or the company that made such a great light!!!!!! MY name is Corey D. and I live in Michigan and I tell EVERYBODY about these lights and there super fast great results. No I do not work for the company just a happy buyer and will continue to come back time after time…. everything this website says is the truth to the fullest!!!! there is nothing to lose or worry about with Advanced LED sit back and watch the magic happen!!!

Brilliant !

Posted by Mike G.

I have 6 4-foot plants in a 5′ by 5′ grow tent.
I started with 7 2-bulb t-12 fluorescent fixtures with 40 watt GE and Phillips plant spectrum bulbs.
When I added the 180 watt extreme flower, it’s 3′ by 3′ footprint looks like a jungle, deep green lush to 2′ depth. The plants grew up to and AROUND the fluorescents to get to the led’s. Incredible, Hunter S. Thompson would have loved it. I’m replacing the flourecents with another 180 watt led.


Posted by Richard

I am so amazed of how fast my strains began to develop even when I haven’t even start giving it nutrients and I only have had for 24 hours. WOW!!!! These guys are the best at customer service a quality productivity.


These Lights Are Awesome!

Posted by Charlie

“About Advanced LED grow lights,

I bought the 180 watt Extreme Flower and it is my first LED grow light. On delivery (which was very fast) I was really impressed with the quality. This is a fine piece of equipment! I didn’t do anything special,just Miracle Grow soil and Peters fertilizer and 18 hrs. of light at 18″ away and WOW! ,these plants are the healthiest I’ve ever seen. Thick secondary growth and huge primary growth on all plants.
I’ve seen some flowering plants under the 120 watt Extreme Flower light and they are really making some beautiful flowers.
These guys have it figgured out!! No doubt I’ll be purchasing more of these lights. They are the perfect flight or flowering/budding plants through all stages of growth and I wouldn’t recommend any other light for indoor gardens.”

Excellent Product! Recommend to anyone!

Posted by Kevin

I have to say that I am pleasantly impressed with how successful I have been with the lights I ordered from Advanced LED’s.
I was really skeptical about using LED lights, being the first person I know to use them and since there isn’t too much research out there about them. I am using four 180w lights in a 4×4 space, in place of my old 400w HID.
I was worried the lights wouldn’t be able to sustain my plants, like the HID, but as they continued to grow, I realized that the plants were absorbing more light than they were with my old light.
Aside from maintaining plump, healthy plants, I was able to save electricity and lower the temperature in my grow tent significantly. Especially in the summer months, the LED’s can help create a cooler growing space. After doing a grow with these lights, and currently working on my second, I can not go back to using my old light.
Having proven their capability and results independently, I highly recommend indoor growers make the switch to Advanced LED’s.

Dont Miss Out

Posted by Unknown

Best led lights, hands down! One of few companies using the 3w bulbs, and the only one using 11 wavelengths for best results! I have a couple of these lights now and the staff has worked amazingly with me. Thanks again Staff at Advanced L.E.D.!!

Exactly what I was looking for!

Posted by Patrick

All I can say is this light is ****ing awesome! The internode distance is only 1/4 of an inch, they are dark green and very healthy with very dense growth. I am extremely happy and my friends will be buying this light after seeing what it will do.

My plants are growing better than they ever have.

Posted by Sonia

We have been using the 740w led for about a month now and our garden is the best it has ever been. We replaced 2 600w MH and can already tell that this light is by all means better. Our heat is way down(83F without the AC) and we dont water this round near as much as usual.

The growth is really amazing, thanks!

Great Product

Posted by The Dude

I sent a review to a well known grow magazine praising this 360w extreme flower LED. Maybe you guys could get some free exposure you derserve it, nice work on this light. I’m pleased and will recommend you to anyone looking for this type of equipment.

Great Product and Excellent customer care!

Posted by Paul

I have been very happy with the effectiveness of the LED lights in all phases of plant growth. I really like the 180 watt form factor as it allows great coverage.

Also want to give a shout out the great support team and the help they have provided in quickly responding to questions!

You Get What You Pay For!!!…

Posted by Justin

These lights work really well! No heat issues, no bulb replacement, no fire risk, less watering, less fertilizing! Do your research and your not going to find a better light for the price! Customer service is second to none! Thanks again Advanced Led Lights!

Modern tech

Posted by – Anonymous

Led grow lights are by far superior to hps or hids, designed to target the proper spectrum for optimal growth while using significantly less power. No “hot spots” here. Clearly LEDs are the lights of tomorrow and not just for plant growth.

The best! I have many lights and I love this one the most.

Posted by MedMan

What more can I say, I just love this light. I don’t burn any tips even when I forget to check on them. 🙂 I didnt get the 5band but Im getting ready to upgrade all my lights!

Best Product I have ever used!

Posted by Michael

Hello, I am hear to tell you that this light is Awesome, not only does this company provide exceptional customer service, they also sell a exceptional product. I have had remarkable results with my 360w extreme flower surprising even veteran indoor growers!


Posted by Kev

This new UFO I bought is much brighter than all the other LEDs I have. I would definately suggest this light.

I have finally found one that worked!

Posted by Erica

This is a very bright light for only 90 watts. We have 3 of them and our harvest was more than we expected this round. I have other UFO lights but this one is by far the best I have used. When will the ones with the 3w bulbs be instock? I really want one. 🙂

Better than I expected.

Posted by Larry

I have this light and I was very surprised how well it worked. Im gonna get the 300 for the next grow.

Terrific Growth

Posted by rene

I purchased the 180 watt led and it is fantastic, great growth. would surely buy another.


Posted by Janet

We wanted to say thanks for making such a wonderful product. I have been surprised by how well our garden is growing.

Blue LED Grow Light

Posted by Claire

The light worked really well! Rob did a good job helping us too!

A Fantasic Light ! / Great Customer Service Too !

Posted by Jack

Bought the 360 watt extreme LED. Very happy with product. Developed a minor problem, Kyle promptly replaced the light. Plants never new what happened! Just love this LED light.

We bought 2 of these for our garden.

Posted by Ryan

Our growers really like the 360w lights and I wanted to say thanks. I will be ordering more for the rest of the space in July. I think this will really help with our heat issue in the summer months.