USA Made LEDs:

Always look for a top quality LED in any LED grow light you choose.  The best colored LEDs come from CREE, Osram and LEDengin but most lights, especially those made in China do not use any of these.  Many LED grow lights use Taiwan LEDs which run at lower inputs and therefore lower outputs.  It can be very hard to learn the exact LED in most lights because many companies really do not know what LEDs are in their lights.  At Advanced LED we know the brand, color, BIN Code and power inputs of each and every LED in our lights .  We strive to use all American Made LEDs such as CREE and LEDengin and source the highest BIN codes we can for our lights.  The Diamond Series XML 150, 350, and 650 use the powerful new 10w CREE XML2.

Low Heat Output:

Low heat output is critical in any LED grow light for two reasons.  First, your return on investment and ease of use is based on your light not generating much heat.  Second, the hotter an LED runs, the faster it fades and dies.  Advanced LED will not develop any light with LEDs that are overdriven.  Our lights are designed to optimize your garden with less heat, less hassle and longer life.

Ease of Use:

Your lights should be easy to hang, adjust the height, and to control the colors and intensity.  Both the Diamond Series, the Diamond Series XML, the Diamond Series XTE, and the Diamond Series EX-VEG are ready to go out of the box and feature controls for both color and intensity.

Years of Success:

At Advanced LED we are proud to say we have been providing great lights for 7 years and have thousands of happy customers around the planet.  Our goal is to provide lights that not only work great but last a long time.

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How to pick the best light for your space:

To get the best growth in your garden, follow these simple steps:

1.  Determine your gardens length and width.  

On each of our product pages you will find the coverage areas of each size.  Next, divide your space up into these coverage areas to determin how many of each light you will need.  Core coverage is the idea space for flowering plants so use that for all full cycle or flowering gardens.

2. Are you replacing other grow lights such as HPS or would you like to have the same or higher intensity of a certain wattage of HPS?  If so, exchange as follows:

  • 250w HPS : Diamond Series XTE 100w (DSXTE100) or Diamond Series 100w (DS100)
  • 400w HPS : Diamond Series XTE 200w (DSXTE200) or Diamond Series 200w (DS200) or Diamond Series XML 150
  • 600w HPS : Diamond Series XML 350 or Diamond Series XTE 400 (DSXTE400) or Diamond Series 400w (DS400)
  • 1000w HPS : Diamond Series XML 650 (DSXML650) or Diamond Series 800w (DS800)

3.  Is your garden for vegetative cycles only, flowering only or full cycle from seed to harvest?

The Diamond Series, Diamond Series XTE, and Diamond Series XML are all designed to grow plants from seed to full harvest and optimized for flowering and fruiting plants.  If you want a focused vegetative light that is all blue in color for green leafy plants for veg rooms only, the All Blue Extreme Veg is your best choice.

That’s it, you now have the perfect LED for your garden and your success is 100% guaranteed or your money back for 90 days.  If you have any warranty issues we will provide free replacement parts with the shipping paid by us within 24 hours.  

If you have any questions give our friendly staff a call at 1-800-401-6307 or submit the form below.

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