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NEW - Diamond Series EX-Veg - 5W CREE XT-E LEDs

NEW - Diamond Series EX-Veg - 5W CREE XT-E LEDs
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  • Overview

    • High Output 5w CREE XT-E LEDs
    • 5w XT-E LEDs produce extreme vegetative results, guaranteed.
    • Runs Cool and Saves Electricity when replacing Metal Halide.
    • Just plug in and grow, no ballasts or high wattage cooling necessary.
    • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.
    • Exclusive 2014 LED Grow Guide Included.
    • 50+ Wavelengths of Intense Blue Light:  Relative intensity of 50% or higher from 430nm to 480nm (see the Spectrometer reading below)
    • Peak Wavelength:  434nm

           *Proprietary Color Blend has been proven to provide optimal vegetative growth. 


    • 100% 5W CREE USA LEDs 
    • Extreme Veg LEDs = Faster, Stronger and Bigger Vegetation
    • Guaranteed to maximize vegetation cycles while minimizing heat. 
    • Domestic orders ship from our warehouse in NW Arkansas after passing our in-house quality control process.


    5W CREE XT-E

    This chart shows what wavelengths of light are best for photosynthesis in plants. Our enhanced all blue spectrum lights are a tested blend of colors that produce the highest yeild per watt of any LED grow light.  The Extreme Veg LED light will produce dense vegetation with 1/3 the power!  Remember we offer an unconditional 90 day money back guarantee so you can see for yourself the power of our lights.
    USA Made CREE LEDs

    LED Grow Light Specs:
    • 2 Sizes:  200w and 300w
    • 5w CREE XT-E2 LEDs - 46% Brighter than other Blue LEDs
    • 2 Wisper Quiet 120mm Fans
    • Integrated Suspension Hanging System (1ft cables)
    • Gross Weight: 185w(11lbs), 300w(17lbs)
    • Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
    • 200w Dimensions: 19 in x 8 in x 3 in
    • 300w Dimensions: 19.5 in x 12 in x 3 in
    • 200w Coverage: Core - 3ft x 3ft, Total - 4.5ft x 4.5ft
    • 300w Coverage: Core - 4ft x 4ft, Total - 5.5ft x 5.5ft
    • 200w AMPS: 110v/1.5, 220v/0.8
    • 300w AMPS: 110v/3.3, 220v/1.5
    • Power Cord Length: 75"

    The biggest breakthrough in LED grow light technology, period!

    100% 5w Royal Blue XT-E LEDs running at 4w each gives your garden the most intense vegetative light on the planet.  

    Get maximum yield without heat issues, high electricity costs and bug problems that you get when using HID lights.  Extreme Veg LEDs provide the unique blend of color that make plants grow extremely fast and produce such fast growth.  Extreme Veg LEDs are used by some of the top commercial growers in the country with top quality harvests that start with a productive veg cycle.




  • Product Reviews


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    1. sick light for my kale, bok choy, basil, and chard

      Using this light I am getting great results from my greens. The basil is growing like a champ. I have struggled with cilantro under HPS and CFL, successfully growing under LED. HPS and CFL add heat and use more power for less yield. I grow in front of window for some sun too. The plants lean to the LED instead of the sun. And my house looks crazy with blue light blazing. Great product. Going tonexpad to a larger tray and get some more lights. on 20th Apr 2014

    2. High performance machine

      The 5 watt CREEs running at 4 watts is the way to go. Very intense and powerful light. The best setup I've had so far. Good enough infact to buy another! on 17th Mar 2014

    3. Way into blue

      I purchased the 180W Extreme Veg Blue and the lights arrived on time in a safe and secure package. The light was easy to set up and after three weeks is doing a great job with my plants.
      It is comparable to using a 400w Metal Halide, with an extreme reduction in heat. I still have my light set 30" from the plants and the inter-nodes are significantly shorter than what I would have with my M.H. A happy customer here and I will order the flowering light by spring when indoor temps become an issue.
      on 24th Dec 2013

    4. 180W Extreme Veg Blue

      I purchased this light only a week ago and noticed a big difference in the growth rate after 3 days from the ufo's I was using. What a light!
      Can't wait till the next phase of the grow.
      Thank you Advanced led lights for a well made and bright light that does what it is supposed to do.
      on 18th Nov 2013

    5. Great Lights

      I purchased my 180 blue veg lights about a month ago, and it is 3 weeks today that my plants have been under them. I have seedlings and clones, and both are doing awesome. \

      I am a very beginner grower and have never grown indoors, so a little history here. This was my 3rd year growing outside, and each year, things instead of getting better, have actually gotten worse. I have to tell you that I live in an open area where the elements, mostly the wind, really does a number on my plants, so I was looking for an avenue to get more consistant results.

      I majored in biology in college, so I know the score on photosynthesis. I have visited several large indoor grows in my area and wanted to see how the big boys were doing things. All of these places had the big huge grow lights that were all vented through each other to cool both the light and the rooms. I had no problem going this direction, but I also wanted to look into the new technology of LED's. I spoke with all of the owners of the large grows and they all told me NOT to go LED. I am stubborn, however, and looked and looked for the right light to fit my needs. It was then that I came across Advanced. I spoke with Kyle and Nathan, both of which have been very helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to be patient with a rookie like myself. This is when I ordered my 180 blue veg lights.

      Three weeks ago today, my seedlings had just popped out of the soil, yes I am soil inside, growing my veg cycle in a grow tent, and these will be moved to a separate flowering room. I was so excited that I had these things coming out of the grownd, but also really was lost. I had already had my blue vegs in the grow tent hanging and ready to turn on, but had also read that they are very fragile. I turned on the blue, set the distance of about 26 inches and watched them grow. I have them on an 18/6 light schedule with timers and I water them every morning with about 6 hours left in the daily light cycle. I only had the outside grow to compare with and had never put seeds in the ground outside, only clones, so I bought some clones to put side by side with my seedlings in the grow tent. After 3 weeks, the seedlings are about 12 inches tall, have lowered my lights to around 18 inches above both the clones and the seedlings. I have FIM'ed all the plants as of yesterday, with the clones being FIM'ed about 10 days ago. The clones already have there new chola formation, and i expect soon to see the seedlings have there new cholas by the end of next week. I was expecting to see all of these, clones and seedlings to grow, but not at this pace. I am very excited, and I am in the process of getting my flowering lights, and am going to go with the 350XML. I want something that is a little wider and the Advanced Team has suggested these. I will be ready for flower in about 4-6 weeks. My plan in to run these to about 2 feet in the veg room and then drop them in the flower room for another 8-9 weeks for completion.

      Knowing that I am a rookie, the thing I am looking for is consistancy, and it looks to me that I have found the ticket in the lights by Advanced. I have been able to control the temp, the humidity, light fans moving the air, and most importantly, I never have to worry about the outside elements and know first hand that these lights are going to provide me with the performance of an outside environment without ever having to worry.

      Lastly, I would like to say thanks to all at Advanced. I like the fact that I can pick up the phone, get answers to my questions, get treated like a long term grower, not the rookie I am, and when I do get the product, like the 180 blue veg that I already have in place shipped to me professionally, open a very nicely packaged product, plug it in and watch my plants grow. What more can I ask for. Oh yea, I dont want to ask for more, but what I cannot wait for is 4-6 weeks to go by so I can move these to the flower room and put them under my new 350 XML's

      Ron in Colorado
      on 18th Sep 2013

    6. 180W Extreme Blue

      I grow wheatgrass, lettuce and spinach under CFL bulbs. It gets very tiring constantly having to adjust the bulb height so I wanted something for vegetative growth that I could just hang and cover a decent sized area.

      I went with the 180w and it seems to be exactly what I was looking for. First impression upon firing it up is what a serious piece of equipment it is. This thing is very bright!

      I have definitely seen an improvement in only 3 days over CFL, the vegetative growth is much thicker.
      on 8th Feb 2013

    7. Another addition to my light show

      I recently bought another 3 watt light from advanced, the all blue lights are so great for veg and really a nice price point. I really love that I can pay based on the application, I don't need full spectrum for veg so I don't have to pay for that. This last few orders my lights have come quicker and quicker this was my only feedback in the past but now they are sending orders really quickly and as always a really top notch product. 100% of my grow is done with Advanced LED they just work well and hold up over time and produce! on 7th Feb 2013

    8. 180 watt all blue extreme veg

      I have a 2'x4'x5' vegetation tent. First ill compare the 180blue (drawing 180 watts) to my 1000 watts of cfls(drawing 220 watts). to start, although the blue says it covers a 3' x3' area, it will not efectivlely cover my 2' x4' tent. The most i can get out of the light in my tent without undercutting light is 2' x3'. So as the product states it DOES cover a 3' x3' space. I had to keep 2 of my cfls over the last 1' x2' space to keep my plants happy. One week later all of the plants are responding wonderfully and the foliage under the cfls are actually reaching towards the 180blue even though the cfls are 2” over the plants. AMAZING! Thats proof enough for me that todays led lighting is the best, most effective, and most efficient way to grow most all types of plants. Product is warm to the touch but not hot..my smallest cfl150 watt equivilent gets hotter to the touch than the entire all blue unit does. This light gets a five star rating for being a u.s.a. quality made product! Nothing cheap about it. Kyle is easy to talk to, answers all of my questions, and is fast to respond to all emails and phone calls. The product is about the same amount for a quality 400watt metal halide ballast, bulb, and reflector, but will last for many years to come! Absolutely no heat issues in the grow room. Will be buying another soon! on 19th Dec 2012

    9. An American company that cares about their products and their customers.

      I ordered a 100 watt grow light from "Advanced Grow Lights "and was skeptical of what to expect ,Im new at indoor growing so I did a lot of research both on lighting and the growing environment required to produce quality flower and wanted to be sure that the money I spent was going to bring a good return .When I received the package and opened it I was amazed at what I saw ,the craftsmanship was beyond first class ,I thought,Wow ! this thing is beautiful and the quality of its construction was impressive to say the least .It was easy to hook up ,the directions were so easy that my wife asked me if she could set it up, she had no problem at all and said she enjoyed the experience ,However, when we turned the thing on it and saw the light from it we were more than surprised at how much light it produced with so little heat and so little energy.

      It wasn't long before her African violets seeds sprouted and grew like they were grown in a green house ,no worries about bugs or cloudy days .We have complete control over the environment and because of that we learned exactly how to grow African violets like the pros .

      I'm ordering another light as I write this review because we want to grow other plants in a controlled environment and these lights take 90% of the guess work out of growing the plants that we love.
      I and my wife ,who is a flower lover highly recommend these products to any one who is a novice grower or a professional grower. So ! if you love to grow plants and dont have a green thumb these lights and a little reading on the subject of botany , in no time at all you will see results that will amaze .

      Im not one who give kudos easily but when something of this quality comes along ,Im happy to do so .
      sincerely ,Greg from Penna.
      on 19th Dec 2012

    10. 180w all blue extreme veg beats 600w MH and APOLLO 8

      I ordered the 180w all blue. It arrived very fast I think it was 2 days. Good safe packaging every thing was in fine condition, so I took down Four 150w MH and put up my new Advanced all blue. The day after I ordered my Advanced 180w all blue,I also ordered a Apollo 8, which took about 2 wks. In fairness, It did ship from canada. When it arrived it nearly fell out of the box when my postman handed it to me. Customs? I don't know but, it was missing a screw. Which I did find in the box, so I put the screw in. And snugged almost all the rest. Took down another 600w MH. And put in my new Apollo 8, And it worked. but, When I checked back after about three hours 2 of the 8 banks of 15 L.E.D. s were not lit. A bad power supply is my guess. So I contacted them, and they said, They could fix it, I could fix it with their parts, Or I could return it for a full refund. So I looked over at my plants under my Advanced all blue that were already doing amazingly well( better than 600w MH) I returned the Apollo 8. I got my refund after 13 days. So, I will order another 180w Advanced all blue extreme veg. and with the money I saved over the Apollo 8, I was able to buy a pretty nice Nikon for some great BUD porn. on 26th Sep 2012

    11. 180 Watt LED grow light

      I own two of the 180 watt 11 band flowering units, and to date they work as advertised.

      The 180 Blue LED unit is very well built, just like the flowering units. When you turn it on, don't look directly into the light. IT IS BRIGHT!

      My only reccomendation to Advance LED is that I own a couple of high quality 4 band UFO LED units and they had a nice red push button power switch on the top of the light. I find this much more convienent, than pulling the plug on the light.
      on 20th Aug 2012

    12. POWER.

      I ordered my 120W All Extreme Blue Veg LED UFO Lights a couple of weeks ago, and received them in the mail about a week or so after. After just 12 days of use, I"M ASTOUNDED! I don't have much money at all and live paycheck to paycheck, so everything that has to do with my hydroponic growing system (DWC) has been "homemade", bought for cheap, used, or found on Craigslist. I've done research for about a year before I began my foray into hydroponic growing of plants, and feel that I had a plan to grow my plants as efficient as possible due to my economic condition, as well as factors such as limited space and energy consumption. My initial set-up was this:

      - One cloned plant in rockwool
      - Four 100W CFLs cool spectrum for Veg
      - Four 100W CFLs warm spectrum for Flowering
      - Netting pot, hydroton, air pump, air stone, water reservoir
      - Botanicare line of nutrients (Veg, Karma, Bloom, Ripe) + Massive
      - PH stuff etc etc

      From the very first week of Veg, I pretty much knew that my CFLs weren't doing the trick. They were on sale for $4 ea 100W, so I figured $32 or so is a good deal to light the plants, along with the four $10 lamps to hold the CFLs. Around $75 total w tax etc. My plant just seemed weak, not ROBUST like I envisioned them being. Veg took FOREVER, basically a month or more, and the plant was moving along slowly. On to Flowering stage, I persisted with the four CFL warm spectrum for about a week until I came to grips that this just wasnt working out. I went online and purchased a 45W LED hanging light box from an unnamed manufacturer. This particular LED grow light brand was endorsed to me by my neighborhood hydro store owner guy, as he said it's the brand he prefers. I took his word for it and "sprung" for the cheapest $75 model as this was all i could afford at the time. It was very nice actually, light weight, virtually NO HEAT, and simple and efficient to use. I was HAPPY (and I still am considering it was $75). It is still hanging in the flower area working slowly but surely, and I would say it's 100x better than the CFLs I was using. Plus, the CFLs were emitting ALOT of heat, more than what people allude to. I was worried all the time that something bigger and more important than the plant was gonna burn down. I saw the difference the lighting was making in growth and health of the plant (bear in mind, nothing else was changed in my nutes etc), so I saved more money and decided to purchase your 120W All Extreme Blue Veg LED UFO for four clones that I had cut from my "mother" plant......

      Well, after one week of clone and veg under my original cool spectrum CFLs, my 120W Blue Veg LED UFO arrived! My sad, downtrodden clones who were wondering why their friends were getting so much bigger and taller than them were in for a nice surprise. I've had the four clones under these blindingly bright LEDs (no exaggeration, i wear polarized sunglasses when i work with the plant. It's pretty necessary) for about a week now, and WHOA. Right from the start, I knew. One week later, and they are MORE THAN TWICE the size in both height and bushiness. This would have taken all month long for my CFLs to accomplish. All leaves reach upward, none are drooping, the stems are strong, the color is rich and vibrant, and they appear ROBUST and full of life. Well, it's the light. That's how important it is, and I am happy that I found a solution to my slow, weak growth problem.

      Beyond the results, this particular LED light was professionally packaged, efficiently designed, and basic to start up - Just chain it up top, plug and enjoy. It is waaaay heavier than my 45 led light box i had purchased from a different company, which i was really surprised about. Like five times as heavy. The weight is a drawback in terms of working with it in a growbox and all, but it's a minor factor. The weight just tells me that it is a sturdy and well-made piece of equipment with dual fans and all the bells and whistles to make it run as efficiently as possible. The only question that I have is, why is there no ON/OFF switch, or if there is one, why can't I find it? Lol. Also, compared to the "no heat at all" 45 led, this one generates quite a bit of heat, that I was really surprised about. However, it never gets hot to the touch, just makes my growbox heat up a whole lot more than I expected.

      Anyways, thank you for making such top notch LEDs. It's still the Wild West out there in the LED industry as far as growing is concerned, but I can honestly say that I am extremely happy that I found one that I'm pretty sure is the tops at this moment in terms of quality, performance and business professionalism. I'll be replacing my 45 LED soon with your Diamond Series Extreme Flower as soon as I can save up enough!

      Chad I, Hawaii
      on 15th Aug 2012

    13. AMAZING

      Ok, so I got my 180 watt Extreme Blue exactly a 2 weeks ago. The results im seeing are unbelievable!! This light is amazing!!! For the first time, I had 100% success cloning. I have also noticed an average of 3/4 inch growth daily which is very proportioned throughout the plants..Seeing is believing so check out my grow journal at 420 mag.com under Airlo760. on 26th May 2012

    14. Largest Seedlings Ever in 5 DAYS

      Ed Rosenthal ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ed_Rosenthal ) is WRONG about LED Lighting. This all blue light has out preformed in a single week by producing the largest seedlings we have ever germinated. (flowers and tomatoes)Recently a video surfaced showing Ed claiming that "you can't do that" (pick out a single color instead of older grow lights. It seems our friend Ed claims the Flowering grow lights do NOT work well unless used with an HPS light. I respect the man, but he is simply WRONG about these LED lights one would be silly to buy an HPS light to use with the LED lights, as ED said in a brief statement to the media.

      I have never seen seedlings grow this BIG so fast. It's much better for "veg" growth than any other lights ever used, hands down.
      on 22nd May 2012

    15. game changer

      Great Product. 180 Watt and I am buying another for sure in a week when I get paid again. The light pays for itself in savings. Nodes are tighter and makes plants easier to manage. I appreciate the great service as well. Thanks for a terrific, made in the USA product. on 7th Jul 2011

    16. wow!!

      i have been using 2 t-5s and replaced half the room with the 360 wt veg led light. WHAT a DIFFERENCE!!!!! the entire plant grows, not just the ends!!! great branching effect on the plants, along with fast strong growth has made this my fav!!!!
      on 6th May 2011

    17. Extreme blue is right

      I just got my first extreme blue light, I have previously used the 180 extreme flower, good light also. So the Blue is very bright, excellent construction quality and now I feel like I am part of the blue man crew. I will post back in as the grow progresses but initially things look very good. on 27th Apr 2011

    18. Big improvment

      First thing is leaf size increased with tighter
      internode spacing. Plants look healthier. Raised temp in tent 1 degree is all. I have the 180w and wouldnt go lower. Overall good light.
      Minus 1 star for price as i feel its a little high but i still might buy another.
      on 3rd Apr 2011

    19. THE light for your veg tent!

      My 180 Extreme Veg preforms on par with the 400 watt halide and blows the flourescent out of the water in my 2'7" veg tent! Looks damned strange, but works great. Started with the 90 watt, which was just a little too small for my area - Kyle was more than helpful in getting it swapped out for the larger model. Couldn't be happier, as not only have I dropped the watts consumed in my budget by over half over the halide light, and still manage to have less heat output than the flouro. Internodes are suprisingly tight (I still haven't gotten used to the fact that it doesn't seem "bright enough" to my eyes) and plants are fat and healthy when they go into the flower tent. Relly, better than the best of both worlds. on 9th Mar 2011

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    Advanced LED offers the best LED grow light warranty available with 3 years of full coverage including shipping and a Limited Lifetime Warranty after that.

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