March 17, 2010

3W vs 1W LED Diodes for Growing Plants

In recent years LED lights have become more powerful with the addition of stronger 3w diodes(the part that emits the light). You can now buy LED lights that will have from 30-200 3w diodes which are much more intense from farther away than their 1w predacessors.  A 3w diode has the same look as a 1w diode but they perform very different.  A light with 1w diodes should be as close to the plant as possible for the intensity necessary to grow dense plants.  A light using 3w diodes on the other hand is very strong and can be placed above your plants for a wider coverage area.  A light mover is great for 1w lights to increase coverage especially when combined with a sea of green and a good net trellis.  Another big difference in 3w diodes is the cost.  Lights with 1w diodes are typically 1/2 the cost of the newer 3w lights ranging from $179 from $897.  At the end of the day if you need an intense light that produces a very heavy harvest then a 3w light is for you.  If you are looking for an economical led grow light for a small number of plants then a light with 1w diodes will work great.